Reclaiming “ME” Time as “US” Time When In a Relationship

We’re continually being told about the benefits of me time, but what about the advantages of us time for your relationship?

For every one of us, trying to find me time is difficult when there are so many factors to consider, including home and financial issues and family time.

However, imagine how much more satisfying us time could make a relationship.

Next time you find yourself thinking me, why not think us instead?

Changing ME Time to US Time
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Could You Find A Hobby That Both of You Would Enjoy?

With so many hobbies to choose from, there’s bound to be one you’ll both enjoy taking time out together to do. It could be a more sedentary hobby such as art, fine wine, visiting museums or collecting. Or perhaps a more ambitious hobby such as skating or even skydiving!

You may even decide you both want to binge watch specific box sets once a week, through to the early hours of the morning! The idea here is to get you doing something that doesn’t revolve around work, household chores, and parenting or family requests!

The great thing about finding a hobby that you can both enjoy and do together is you get to do something fun with your life, at the same time as spending quality time with the one you love.

Try Prioritizing A Couple of Romantic Evenings Together

Us time is essential for any relationship to survive but with so many other demands on our time, particularity when you’re parents, it’s often a rarity for many.

Try getting into the habit of designating a couple of nights a week to adult time only. Then once the kids are tucked away in bed, this time is yours to reclaim.

Spend more time in the bedroom, and work on improving the sexual side of your relationship. If there are any immediate issues, try to eliminate these before you start with these evenings.

Rid of any pre-nerves, confidence problems or even performance issues, for example using stamina pills, where necessary.

Put as much thought and imagination into this aspect of us time, including anything needed to get that mood right.

Whether it be candles, or rose petals spread across the bed, bubble baths beforehand or even role play, your partnership will thrive when you make the time to spend together without anyone else around.

Why Not Make Your Partner Your Exercise Buddy?

The simplest solution to getting at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted us talk time is working out with your partner. This way you get to put aside everybody else’s wants and needs, devoting your time solely to one another.

Perhaps head off for a walk first thing in the morning, a lunchtime swim, or even a gym session in the evening. You don’t have to make it a daily thing, but why not devise a couple of sessions at least whereby you work out together?

There’s no denying that exercising can quickly become monotonous if you stick to a rigid routine, so why not jazz it up together? This way, you both get to have fun, spend valuable time together and get fit!

Why not see about finding an alternative form of fitness, such as ballroom and salsa dancing, or perhaps teaming up together to take on other couples in sports such as squash or badminton?

Whether your goal is to spend some more us time together in a new environment, or whether you both just want to spend some relaxing downtime in the presence of each other’s company; turn your mindset into us rather than me, and you’ll soon start getting back some quality couple time.

We won’t tell if you lock the kids in the family room with some pop and pizza to keep them occupied for a few hours either. 🙂

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