Recruiting a New Google AdWords Consultant

The importance of Google search to bringing in new leads cannot be understated in the modern era. Because of this, the most important hire you make for your business can actually be someone that is not a full-time employee. 

A Google AdWords management company can breathe new life into your digital marketing mix.

This article shows you the value of using such a service, and how to get started refilling your sales funnel. 

How do my competitors show up so high in Google?

This is a common question many business owners and marketing executives ask themselves. The answer is simple but twofold. The reality is that as it stands, your competition is doing a better job of SEO and Google Ads.

The good news is that you can change this. Organic search results can be drastically improved by optimizing your website for search engines. This involves small tweaks to pages and copy. Inserting the right number of keywords and search terms, and placing them in your article titles and body is a great start. But this article is not focused on SEO.

Google Ads are the sponsored links that appear at the top of a Google search. These can be set up at any time, and you can create specific copy to appeal to your target buyers. Once they have clicked, the trick is then to tell them what they need to know on a dedicated landing page. You have a very short space of time to capture peoples’ attention, so optimized landing pages are a must. 

Sounds simple, right?

All of this may sound simple, but the reality is that it takes time, skills, and some attention to detail. Anyone can set up some AdWords campaigns. But without those three key ingredients in good measure, the chances are that your campaigns will not work how you think they should. 

You will then be in a vicious cycle of convincing yourself that AdWords does not work, while your competitors scoop up all the potential buyers searching for what you sell.

The answer is to hire a professional to help you. In the same way you would recruit a mechanic to fix your car or a plumber to fix a water leak, going at it alone without a Google AdWords consultation is unwise. 

What difference do AdWords management services really make?

Small things make the biggest difference in the world of Google AdWords. The smallest details can affect the results and avoid you paying for wasted clicks or missing out on real potential buyers. 

With this in mind, plan to spend a little time putting together a plan to recruit the best agency. First, write a brief. In comparable terms, this is like writing a job description for a new employee. In the brief, include some background about your firm, who you sell to, and what budget you are planning for your campaign. 

Move to the final interviews

Next, send this brief to 4-5 Google AdWords consultants you have shortlisted. See what responses you get back and choose a couple to interview in the final stage. 

Take this opportunity to find out answers to some key questions such as how the agency bill, what they charge, who will be working on your account. Most of all, ask them what their strategy will be for turning your services into successful AdWords copy that appeals to your target buyers. 

You need to select an AdWords consultant that fits your requirements. Some will want to work to a model that pays them a set fee each month. Others will be prepared to work on a monthly percentage of your set AdWords budget. Find something you will be happy with and not be looking to make a change within months of your new engagement. That will avoid repeating the process again and using more of your valuable time. 

Establish regular key performance indicators for the campaign. This will help your agency focus its efforts on what you are trying to achieve. If quality leads matter to you more than quantity, tell the agency this. Your sales team will be a lot happier working with a smaller number of quality leads than they will be with hundreds of average ones. The smallest tweaks to keywords can affect that, so ensure your strategy reflects this. 

We hope you have found this information helpful in understanding how a Google AdWords consultation can benefit you and your business.

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