Reducing Your Environmental Impact On The Planet

You may think that we hear too much about the climate crisis at the moment, however, although nobody really wants to listen to the message about the state of the environment, it is important that we all stop and pay attention. 

The human race needs to change its ways, this is very clear. We all live on this planet, and, while we may not have personally come up with the means of polluting our skies, we all contribute to carbon emissions that cause global warming. Everything that we consume or use in our modern life affects the environment to some degree or another, and it is vital that you do your best to try and monitor your own individual carbon footprint. 

You can take better care of the planet in a number of ways. Here are a few suggestions for changes that you can make in your life that will make a positive difference. 

Reduce Reuse Recycle

One of the major problems that we have as a society is the abundance of waste that we produce. This all stems from the amount that we consume. From food and drinks to electrical items and cars, our consumerism is leading to many of our environmental problems. 

To slow the tide of waste that we produce, we can consider whether things need to be thrown away. Electrical items often end up getting prematurely sent to landfill where they could be fixed. By finding the right parts to fix your washing machine you may well get several years additional use out of an appliance. 

Buying products that have less or no packaging on is a way that you can show retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers that you don’t want the packaging on products. 

Wherever you do use packaging, recycle it. If something is recyclable, but there is no collection for that type of item, see where else you can recycle it. 

Think About Changing Your Diet

It is widely regarded that the amount of meat and dairy we consume is having a major impact on the environment. Much of the problems come down to land use. We are consuming more animal products than ever and for every animal, feed needs to be grown. That means deforestation to make way for additional farmland to grow animal feed. By removing valuable trees, such as the Amazon rainforest which is being chopped down to make way for farms, there is less tress to remove carbon from the air. There is also the problem of the methane produced in intense animal farming contributing to global warming.

By reducing your own consumption of animal products, you will be able to help reduce the amount of this type of farming that takes place. Although it may seem as though one person’s efforts may make only a small impact, there are more-and-more people who are switching to flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets all of the time and as eating habits, so too will farming habits. 

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