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In this day and age, greetings are sent via social media. We wish our friends and family a Happy Birthday on Facebook and send funny photos of each other from days gone by. It all has become rather impersonal if you ask me.

That’s why, if no other time, I choose to send out custom holiday cards to friends and family. Now, I’m not going to lie – they sometimes don’t arrive until after Christmas … but it is the thought that counts.

Over the past 30 years, I have watched the flurry of Christmas cards we used to receive dwindle to next to nothing. It’s sad, really, because there’s nothing like going to the mailbox during December and finding a Christmas card from a dear friend or family member that you haven’t connected with lately. It’s that warm and fuzzy that gets me, and I can’t wait to tear it open and read the card and the sentiment and proudly display them on our mantel for all to see when they enter our home.

So this year, I decided to go with some beautiful personalized Christmas cards from Aura Print.

aura print christmas cards

Family and Friends

I love this particular style of Christmas cards because there is plenty of room for me to include a personal message if I choose to. I write rather large too, so I love having plenty of space to write our names in our signature area.

It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember to include a “year in review” letter that we send to family and friends we have not seen and keep them updated on what has happened throughout the year with our family. Our year in review letter fits perfectly in these cards and can be sent in a standard legal-sized envelope. The cards that I received did not come with envelopes but, as I said, they fit in standard legal-sized envelopes – which I have plenty of already stamped and ready to go!

Plenty of space to write a heartfelt message on these beautiful cards

Business-Related – Great for Vendors and Customers

I also plan on sending these cards out to some of my customers and my business-related vendors with my thanks for supporting our blog in 2021. Think about it – a message on social media is fleeting, but a Christmas card carries an unofficial requirement to be displayed until, at the very least, December 26. That is an every day reminder to your customers and vendors that YOU cared enough to send a Christmas card over the hundreds of other individuals that they do business with who may not have.

Variety of Products

The great thing about having Aura Print be your local printer is the wide variety of products that they offer! You can have flyers, business cards, tags, invitations, and more printed up for whatever the occasion. If you check their products section – you’ll find bookmarks, letterheads, menus, playing cards, vouchers, greeting cards, and tags.

I really love the tag section because they can even print up plant tags for you! Heaven knows I could have seriously used those this past spring when I was planting all sorts of little items in the ground! They can print personalized Christmas tags, flat, folded, luggage tags, even bag topper tags – which are great if you have products you want to hang from a display rack!

About Aura Print

Director Liam Smith started printing as a one-man operation in 2007 and has now grown his business to a dedicated team of nearly twenty experienced print professionals, all with their own specialties such as foil printing, wide-format print, or precision trimming. The main goal is ALWAYS to provide high-quality prints that don’t break the bank and with expert service to top it all off. Their customer feedback proves they do things right.

Being your go-to printer is a big deal to the folks at Aura Print – even if there’s an ocean in-between. They provide printing services for a huge range of different companies across the globe from the United States to Europe. They have customers such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Kia, Cummins, Pizza Hut, Toro, Land Rover – just to name a few! They have even printed business cards for our friend, Melissa, over at Deliciously Savvy!

No matter where you are ordering from, they really take pride in, and make it a core part of what Aura Print represents, to go out of their way to make you feel like they are your local printer with their friendly and talented team.

“Aura Print all started with me printing alone in a cellar. Fast forward to today and I am really enthusiastic about our current team, with total confidence in everyone to give their best and I’ll keep driving Aura Print forward.”

Liam Smith

Liam compared Aura Print to other companies where Aura Print is a speedboat while the other giants are cruiseliners. Aura Print specializes in being quick and nimble to stay ahead of the game while also offering you everything you could possibly need such as one-off custom print jobs.

If you want to keep a personal connection with the ones you love most, our customers that you truly cherish, send them a Christmas card this year that you purchase from Aura Print. Your customers and loved ones will enjoy receiving them and you will love the quality, heartfelt cards you purchase from Aura Print.

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