We here at Life in a House believe in giving everyone a second chance – and sometimes a third and fourth chance too. We try our best to practice forgiveness, kindness, and understanding at all times because that’s just how our parents and grandparents raised us to be.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not always operate on the same principles. There are others out there who will lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want. When that happens, we will list them here to warn our fellow blogging friends about their unscrupulous behavior and to let them know that these individuals do not honor their word.

I hate that there is even a need for a Black List of people not to do business with, but if you live in the real world you realize that not everyone holds themselves accountable for their actions and dealings with others as you may. The individuals listed below have not honored their word with Life in a House after repeated contact and chances to make the situation right or have been so outspoken with regards to their hatred towards another race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality that we felt the need to warn others.

use these people at your own risk

Alison Lurie

On January 28, 2021, Alison sent an article for publication on Life in a House. We worked with her previously so assumed there would be no issues. I sent her an invoice on the same date – at a discounted sales rate – and informed her that in order to keep the discounted rate she needed to remit payment before the sale ended on 1/31/2021. She stated she would pay the invoice on 2/2/2021 so I once again sent her a PDF copy as well as the link directly to her invoice.

I followed up with her on 2/2, 2/4, and 2/8. She has refused to respond to any of the emails sent to her. I advised her of the late fees that would be applied and the dates that they would be due if she failed to remit payment. On 2/19 I sent her a final reminder, reduced the publication price by $10 and she still has not responded – nor do I expect her to make payment … so she is the latest addition to our Deadbeat Contributors listing. Her email address is alisonlurie6@gmail.com.

Andrea Simon

Andrea contacted me in January 2017. She requested an article for publication. After agreeing upon a price and the article topic, she submitted the article to me. Approximately 30 minutes later she said no, don’t publish that one – publish this one – and submitted a new article. Her post was published on January 24, 2017. Reminders and emails were sent to her as well for the entire month of February and her payment has still not been received. She sends her emails from ashfordsimon99@gmail.com.


Received an email on 4/22/2020 from “The CashOne Team” using the email address info@cashone.com requesting publication of a great article with small business ideas for women entrepreneurs. I checked out the article, decided to publish it so I got it prepped and ready to publish, and sent them the invoice. As is our policy, no articles or link placements are published until payment has been made – for just this reason. They ghosted on me, sent them several follow up emails, no response. They won’t be working with Life in a House again.

Christine Conru

Added 11/2018. She sent an article for publication the beginning of the month regarding a Hindu festival. I informed her that our policy was payment first and then publication of the article. 5 days later she tells me to “stop thinking so much and trust her” that she will pay the article and – if she doesn’t – I can remove it anytime. I emailed her back and told her no – my blog, my rules. I abhor contributors who attempt to bully a blogger into doing what they want. 

The following day; however, I stupidly published the post. The festival was interesting to me so I published it and informed her that it was published and she had 24 hours to make payment or it would be removed. I heard nothing from her so the post was removed. Three days later she wanted to know what the live link to the article was (which I had already sent to her) and I explained that since she didn’t respond to my email by making payment – the post was removed. I have a service that I use that tells me when ALL of my emails are opened and read – so I knew that she saw the email I sent to her the same day that it was published and knew she only had 24 hours for payment. 

I have not heard from her since. She never sent payment either so the article was trashed. She claims to be a food and lifestyle blogger at christinealbano dot com but not a single photo I’ve seen on her website offers a recipe – they are nothing more than pictures. The email address she uses is christine12conru@gmail.com. She has a US phone number listed on her business card in her email, but when you attempt to call her you hear music and then an announcement saying you need to go to a website to leave a message for this individual via Contact Privacy. So that isn’t even a real phone number for her.

Colin Brice

Colin contacted me in December 2016. Red flags should have gone up when I read his email because it was almost exactly the same email message that I received from Victoria Young. Being the holiday season and all; however, I just overlooked it and didn’t pay attention to those warning bells going off in my head.

After a bit of back and forth on the emails and the pricing, his articles were published on January 31, 2017. Reminders and emails were sent the entire month of February and payment has still not been received. He sends his emails from colinbrice161@gmail.com.

Felix Kamly

This individual has been permanently banned from our social media as well as contacting us. He consistently orders work to be done and then refuses to pay for it. His email address is felix.kamly@gmail.com. He’s ghosted on two invoices in the past 6 months.

Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson contacted me in April 2018 requesting pricing and information regarding guest posting and sponsored posting information for Life in a House. I sent him the information that he requested, and in July 2018 he finally sent me an article for publication.

Knowing that our terms are payment before publication, I submitted the invoice to him and awaited payment. A month went by and no word from him. I sent multiple emails to him over a period of 4 weeks to which he did not respond. Finally in late August 2018 I informed him that he was losing his discounted rate and being assessed an administrative late fee for non-payment and basically wasting our time.

No blogger should ever be required to wait over 2 months for payment of an article that someone wants published. His client refused payment (info@jumponline.uk) as did Gary Wilson himself (gary@toptierstyle.com) so I would suggest caution if dealing with this individual and this company.

Jerri Davis

I honestly do not even know where to begin to describe where this so-called “professional blogger” is coming from. She popped onto my radar when she contacted a fellow Facebook group owner about removing a participating blogger in a giveaway simply because they re-tweeted something that was originally posted by the Islamic Online University and due to several blog posts concerning Muslims and Islam. The blogger is based in the Philippines (according to Twitter), so Ms. Davis just jumped to the conclusion that the blogger was a Muslim because of what they shared.

The level of hatred is unprecedented with comments on her personal Facebook page stating that whoever loves Muslims and Islam needs to “get out of the United States” and off my page. We were happy to oblige Jerri Davis, as we believe in fostering relationships with ALL races, religions, and nationalities and have no place for hate and stupidity in anything we are connected with. She is the owner of Jerri1962sBlog hosted on Weebly.com. If you value the relationships you have built with other bloggers and brands, I suggest extracting her from your circle quickly before her hate is allowed to spread. 

Mia Clarke

Mia contacted me mid-June 2018 and requested an article for publication. After informing her of our prices and our payment in advance policy, she agreed to remit payment for the article if I provided an invoice via PayPal. I sent her the invoice the same day that she submitted the article for publication. A month has gone by and she refuses to respond to any emails inquiring as to her intentions and has refused to remit payment for the publication. I even went so far as to contact the company where she works and inquire as to their intentions and they failed to respond as well. Her email address is userful@canwetalk.co

Teri Hardy Hatland

This should go without saying if you’ve read An Alert for the Blogging Community, Update on Teri Hardy Fraudulent Blogger, or Tracking Teri Hardy Hatland: Continuing Coverage. Being the vindictive individual that she is, she had us locked out of Facebook several times for reporting our post that mentioned the news coverage about her fraud and criminal background. She recently filed for bankruptcy and you can view the latest news story regarding how that went in this news article from Keloland.com.

Trudy Seeger

Trudy contacted me March 2017 with a request to have an article published on the blog entitled, “Roofing and Homes: Tips for Retaining Your Roof and Decorating Your Home.” He asked if he could include a link to his site in his bio (no-follow) and I told him that would be fine. His bio read:

“Trudy Seeger has been a professional journalist for more than 5 years. He has worked with different organizations in different parts of the world. He says that one of the greatest lessons in life is to be passionate about your job until it no longer feels like a job. Visit LINK here.”

Now, said link had absolutely nothing at all to do with Trudy. It was for a company that does roofing and construction. So I emailed him back and asked him if he owned the company or was an employee working for the company. He stated he was employed by the said company. I thought, okay, I’m going to verify it before I publish the article.

Turns out Trudy does NOT work for the company, they have never heard of him, and they have not asked any other companies or organizations to write articles for their company to be published on the web to draw business back to them. Another scam artist people. Check out his Facebook profile. Love how he goes from one profile picture to a completely different one – and changes race as well! I wish I could do that! Definitely one to add to your blacklist. His email address is trudyseeger@gmail.com.

Victoria Young

This individual originally contacted me in October 2016 literally begging me to publish posts for her. She had four of them that she wanted to be published, and they were pretty good. So I gave her my prices and she agreed to pay them. I published the posts on October 22, 2016, and sent her the invoice. I sent numerous reminders, emails, submitted the invoices to her again via PayPal – nothing. She responded back “you will be paid soon.” I’m still waiting for payment and have written her off. She sends emails from victoria.young1234@hotmail.com. After requesting payment for 2 months and being ignored, she was added to The Black List.

deadbeat contributors

How to Protect Yourself

Due to the issues that we have faced and learned from on a first-hand basis, we’ve come up with a system of checks and balances to protect ourselves that we would like to share with you. Hopefully it will thwart those individuals who look to take advantage of bloggers for their own personal gain.

Get the Information

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – know whom you are dealing with. Anyone can create an email account and claim to be something that they are not. We created a Content Contributors form that all new guest bloggers for Life in a House are required to complete before we will work with them. The information that we ask them to provide is so that we can provide this information to our attorney if we wish to pursue collection for services rendered.

Get Your Payment In Advance

If you are asking for payment for services rendered, require payment in advance or, at a minimum, a 50% deposit on the final amount due before you begin working on the assignment. 

Watch the Email Language

I have learned the hard way that a lot of these individuals all work for the same “hub” of writers that use the same form email when contacting bloggers asking them to publish articles or to do a review of their products. If you continue to see the same emails sent from different email addresses – be sure to cover your bases and make sure you get contact information for them that goes further than just an email address if you decide to do business with them.

Not Everyone Is Out to Scam You

While it may feel that way sometimes, we have had the pleasure of working with some really fantastic contributors over the years who have always honored their word and made payment when due or provided the required amount of posts each month for a discounted rate. To them, we tip our hats and we say THANK YOU for being honorable, professional, and for keeping your word.

Hopefully, there will not be a need to update this page often, but when we do update it with new information we will share it on our social media channels to alert you to new additions.

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