Welcome to our updated Blogger Opportunities listing. Here you will find a variety of links (some affiliate some general links) to help you earn money with your blog and find items to participate in to help grow your traffic and followings.

All you need to do is bookmark this page for easy reference.

Facebook Groups I Own

Sharing opportunities is usually easiest to do via Facebook Groups simply because it might be a link on the fly that I’m sharing. With that said, I’m going to list the groups that I own where I routinely share items with the members. You can sign up to whichever ones you would like.

  • Blogger Opportunities and Giveaways Galore – over 2,000 members including company representatives, bloggers, and giveaway participants
  • Bloggers Over 40 – I started this group for those of us over a certain age who have found it difficult to find campaigns with the networks to be accepted for. My hope is (eventually) to grow this group into an active location for campaigns and work just for our age group.
  • Giving Tuesday Bloggers – In our 4th year as of 2019, Giving Tuesday Bloggers is all about the spirit of giving back to our communities and charities that do good around the world. Giving Tuesday is always held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving – and we begin promoting new graphics and social share information when the worldwide website updates their information for the year to get people thinking about how they can give back to these charities and their communities.
  • The Ultimate Blogger List – from time to time I receive inquiries from contributors to our blog on whether we have other blogs to publish content on or know of any other bloggers that would be interested in receiving paid opportunities for their blogs. This is a laid back group where I post as items are received so if you would like to join up, simply add your name to the mailing list (which we provide to individuals as requested for purposes of contacting you concerning sponsored posts, product reviews, advertising, etc.) and then pop over here to join the FB group. I do NOT send out emails any longer to the mailing list – everything is posted through the FB group but you MUST be on the mailing list before you’ll be accepted in the FB group.

Affiliate Programs & Network Referrals

I don’t know about you, but I have shitty luck with affiliate programs. I’ve had better success sharing affiliate links on social media than when I have incorporated them in a blog post. So I have pretty much done away with all affiliate programs except for a few such as Amazon and Walmart. 

On the other hand, I have had great success with several of these networks. I will tell you a little about each of them below and provide you with my affiliate link for you to sign up with if you are interested.

  • TAB (The Authority Builders) – TAB is one of my favorite places. Devin, the owner, finds companies that want to work with bloggers who will offer reviews of their products (good or bad) so that they can enhance their customer service, product, packaging, etc. You are reimbursed for your purchase and provided a small compensation for your time. You can also recruit your friends and family to join and receive a commission on the work that they do for TAB as well!
  • Get Blogged – I adore this site. They give you a wide variety of assignments to choose from at varying prices based upon your DA score. You can apply for one job or several jobs – the choice is yours. There is a deadline as to when the work needs to be completed, usually 500 words as well, so keep that in mind when applying.

We are in the process of updating this information. Check back soon!

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