Secret Word Giveaway Bonus Entries

We love offering our readers bonus entries for giveaways hosted by Life in a House of Testosterone. All you need to do is find the secret word for today’s date and enter it on the giveaway widget! You can do this once per day for easy extra bonus entries!

  1. autumn
  2. black cat
  3. broomstick
  4. cauldron
  5. cobweb
  6. demon
  7. devilish
  8. eerie
  9. enchanted
  10. evil
  11. eyeballs
  12. face paint
  13. fall
  14. fear
  15. fright
  16. ghost
  17. goblin
  18. grim reaper
  19. halloween
  20. haunted house
  21. hayride
  22. hocus pocus
  23. jack o’ lantern
  24. mask
  25. midnight
  26. nightmare
  27. October
  28. prank
  29. pumpkin
  30. scream
  31. skeleton

Good luck on the giveaway!

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