REVIEW: Belvedere Home Laundry Basket + Toy Organizer

If you have your own home or your own apartment, chances are you have at least two laundry baskets floating around somewhere. They are probably the really weird shaped ones too that just never seem to fit right when it comes to carrying them – no matter where you place them. Am I right? These are just two of mine (yes, I have about 3 of them):

The basket on top of the dryer sits awkwardly on your hip or requires both hands to carry it in front of you. The basket on the bottom is curved on one side so you “should” be able to hold it against your hip with one hand and open doors and closets and such with the other. Do you see how big that thing is? Do you know how heavy it is when you’ve got a couple loads of wet towels and stinky socks?

You see the Belvedere Home basket right next to it and, while not quite as tall, is actually holding MORE laundry than the brown basket. With the leather handles and the easy way that it gives, I can carry that loaded basket through the house with no issues at all, and usually with one hand too!

The basket looks small when it arrives, but once you open it up and spread it open, you realize that there is a LOT of real estate to this handy basket!

The free mesh laundry bag that comes with every basket is a special treat too. You can use it at home in your bathroom (mine hangs on the door rack for the guys to throw their stinky gear in) or take it with you camping, or give to your teen to use at college.

I originally had mine in the bathroom to use for clean towels and to display them prettily for guests and family.

The Belvedere Home Basket is so easily adaptable for a variety of uses and the neutral color scheme works well in any decor.

As if that weren’t enough reason to have you rushing to your browser to order one today, check out the comparison below between the Belvedere Home Basket and other baskets.

I adore ours, and I guarantee you will too! These are definitely on my gift-giving list for upcoming house warming parties and the holidays! You can purchase your own basket on Amazon:

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Stay tuned to our Win It! section because we will have a giveaway coming November 1, 2019, for you to have the chance to win this lovely and useful laundry basket and toy organizer from Belvedere Home to enjoy yourself, or give as a gift to someone you love this year!

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