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Does your refrigerator have a ton of magnets, papers, pictures, art work from the kids, and reminders all over the front of it? Can you even SEE your refrigerator front anymore? Our fridge was like that – until we got the chance to check out the amazing Fridge Gallery!

The inside of your refrigerator may not be so organized – but that doesn’t mean the outside of your fridge can’t be the picture of organization. With Fridge Gallery, your special cards, photos and other items can find a home in a neat, organized, magnetized holder that attaches to your refrigerator or any other magnetized surface.

Fridge Gallery Before and After

This ingenious holder does away with the sloppy look of multiple magnets slapped on to your fridge. Unlike other magnetic refrigerator display systems, you don’t have to remove Fridge Gallery to add or change your child’s latest school photos. Its 6-foldable panels with 5” tall pockets of clear PVC allow for no hassle insertion of different sized pictures or memos. Even larger items like artwork can be easily displayed with Fridge Gallery.

Fridge Gallery’s Great Features

Even when Fridge Gallery doesn’t have pictures in it, it’s an attractive addition to your fridge. Each holder is printed with a high-resolution image or design that can be seen through its clear pouches. Choose from 10 beautiful designs including landscapes, holiday themes and a plain background with the look of stainless steel.

Not Just for Your Fridge

Your fridge isn’t the only place that needs this useful organizer, hang it in a school room, office or dorm. Magnets won’t work? Use Fridge Gallery on most any surface with their removable adhesive pads! You get a set of 15 Sticky Pads to hold your Fridge Gallery securely wherever you want to use it!


Use Fridge Gallery for so much more than pictures. It’s great for keeping coupons, memos, business cards, chore lists, baby announcements and invites right where you can see them.

About Fridge Gallery

Fridge Gallery is the introductory product line of Gepetto Design Products, LLC, a company founded to bring a range of inspired product ideas to life. Founder Barry Tatum brings 30 years of retail and business management experience as well as an eye for innovation and design to this venture. Barry currently operates GDP as well as his exclusive salon, Private Style in the greater Richmond, Virginia area where he lives with his wife and business partner, Kym. For Barry and Kym, Fridge Gallery is not just a good idea, it is a God idea and there are more to come! Fridge Gallery is designed by Gepetto Design Products located in Mechanicsville, VA.

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We are thrilled to feature a local entrepreneur like Barry and Kym on our blog (we live in Mechanicsville, VA also) and are absolutely in love with our Fridge Gallery! You definitely need to pick one up for yourself and at these great prices, they make excellent gifts!

Order Yours Today from the website or from Amazon!

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