Review: GhostBed Luxury Sheets

GhostBed Luxury Sheets with an Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty

One of my biggest pet peeves are sheets that pop off the mattress in the middle of the night. Hubby and I toss and turn constantly at night – usually fighting for covers or because it is too warm – and when we wake up in the morning we have sheets wrapped around our feet and have to fight to get out of bed. I personally have an issue with the mattress on our bed, it’s just too hard for me and contributes to some of my discomfort at night.

So I greatly appreciated the chance to review the GhostBed luxury sheets to see if they would help alleviate the discomfort from the heat and from waking up to find our sheets twisted around our feet.

What Sets Them Apart

Let me just tell you this – supernatural comfort is NOT an understatement. These are some of the most comfortable sheets I have had the pleasure of owning. The Supima cotton and Tencel fiber blend of the GhostBed sheets makes them breathable and light-weight. I’ve washed them a few times since we’ve had them as well and they keep getting more comfortable. Out of all the sheets we own, hubby and I have decided these are our favorites.

While the GhostBed luxury sheets will work great on almost any mattress, it’s ideal to pair them with any GhostBed mattress. The memory foam mattress is next on my wishlist for our bedroom makeover.

I also love the fact that this sheet set comes with a 3-year warranty AND free shipping!

Our Review

As you can see, we have what I consider to be a thicker-than-usual mattress. I loved this mattress when we first bought it, but over the years due to my changing body I suppose, it just is not as comfortable as it once was. I am constantly waking up because I’m too hot or too uncomfortable because of it.

Our thick mattress

We have a queen size bed; however, no matter what sheets I buy for the bed, because of the mattress size they never seem to fit properly. The fitted sheet is constantly popping off every night and it really is a pain to deal with every morning.

GhostBed Luxury Sheets

I ordered the queen size set for our bed and hoped for the best. I was literally jumping for joy once I got the sheets out of the package and washed and ready to put on the bed. Thanks to the awesome GhostGrip, these sheets fit PERFECTLY.

The miracle GhostGrip

The next step was to see if the top sheet would fit as well as the fitted sheet – and it did! Hubby and I constantly fight for the top sheet most nights with other sheet sets because they are never quite wide enough to cover both of us comfortably. I love pulling the sheets up under my chin and snuggling down in while he likes to just have them draped over his mid-section. Now we both have enough sheets to sleep comfortably.

Long enough on both sides, so hubby and I are not fighting for covers!

Last but not least – COOL COMFORT. No matter how cool we keep our home, I am constantly waking up hot and miserable – usually in the middle of the night. Every time these sheets are on our bed – I sleep through the night like a baby, even when the back and knees are hurting!

So if you have the same issues – fitted sheets that don’t stay fitted – and waking up in the middle of the night hot and uncomfortable – I highly recommend a set of GhostBed luxury sheets for you to try. They come in white and grey – I went with the grey because it fits in with our bedroom decor and curtains.

If you decide to buy some – drop us a line below and let us know!

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