Review: #Happlee Diamond Tip Gel Ink Pens

Remember spending hours as a child coloring and being in your happy place? Being able to add color to a picture and make it come to life? Think coloring is something only for childhood? Think again!

Coloring has been proven to help adults reduce stress and anxiety, improve motor skills and vision, in addition to improving sleep and focus. I’m all for anything that helps with all of that!

I knew that adult coloring books were very popular, but had no idea that some adult coloring books were hitting the bestseller lists! When I started doing some research on Amazon for adult coloring books, I found several that had my heart skipping! I added my most favorite to our Family Fun List on Amazon.

Now, if you have ever colored with crayons, you know that it is virtually impossible to color tiny, intricate details with a crayon. Colored pencils would work better, but if you REALLY want colors that pop off the page – we suggest the Happlee Gel Pens 0.5mm.

Happlee Gel Pens 0.5mm – 12 colored fine point pens for adult coloring books, drawing, bullet journaling, writing and more!

The Happlee Gel Pens set includes 12 vibrant colors – Blue, Black, Red, Green, Purple, Light Green, Light Pink, Pink, Azure, Orange, Yellow, and Brown – that will meet all your coloring or journaling needs.

Every pen has the diamond head design, which makes it beautiful looking and enables the inks of the pen to flow smoothly and vividly with no skipping.

The fine ballpoint pen’s tips are amazing at coloring intricate patterns easily. However, if you have larger spaces to color, I believe a 0.7mm or a 1.0mm tip would work best. The Happlee pens are super comfortable to grip and hold, very lightweight. My son and I colored for hours together with no hand cramps or wrist pain.

Still a work in progress!

The gel pens are non-toxic, have no smell, and dry very quickly. I had no issues with them smudging or bleeding through the paper. So no worries on whether they are safe for you and your children to use!

Mostly finished – just need a thicker pen point to do the beach!
Tre’s Beach Page – a Work in Progress

Tre and I really enjoyed using the Happlee Gel Pens for our coloring this past week, and I am truly looking forward to spending more time together coloring and creating a framed wall collage of our finished products to admire and share with our friends and family!

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