Review: Heart On My Sleeve by Mary Lambert

Disclosure:  I participated in the Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.  

I love music – all types of music, especially music that tells a story, that brings people together, that helps bring about change in the world. I am a huge, huge fan of the song that she performs with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis which you may have heard of entitled “Same Love.” I truly believe that particular song had a hand in helping people to understand that marriage equality is something that needs to be addressed and afforded to those in the LGBT community. 

On a personal note, I am thrilled for Mary. She reminds me of my own dear daughter, April. A strong, vibrant, young woman with a message to impart to the world that she has chosen to do through her music. I love how she describes Heart On My Sleeve as a “pop album with a conscience.” (I wish more artists published albums with that thought in mind!)

I can so totally relate to the song “Secrets” on this album. When I was younger, in my 20s and early 30s, I cared so very much about putting my perfect face forward, acting as though my family was perfect, that I was perfect, that my children were perfect. I got supremely tired of putting on the facade every day – its exhausting! Life is too short to not be who you were meant to be. I rock mom jeans and I’m afraid of the dark and the dentist, and yes my family is dysfunctional with a capital “D” and I don’t give a blip who knows it anymore! You definitely need to check out the video of Secrets when you get a moment! I’ve embedded it below for you to watch. You’re going to love it!

I really liked all of the songs on this album except for one. I love you Mary, but nobody can do “Jesse’s Girl” like Rick Springfield! I grew up with that song playing in my head almost daily (I had a HUGE crush on Rick Springfield) and I just cannot give props to anyone who does a cover of it. Just as I wouldn’t give anyone props for doing a cover of “Secrets” because you totally rocked that song and I cannot imagine anyone else doing it justice!

I wish that I could turn back the hands of time to when my daughter was struggling to find herself and be able to introduce her all those years ago to Mary Lambert. I personally feel as though Mary’s message to the world is so empowering, so uplifting, and so desperately needed by the young woman of our world today. They are bombarded, daily, with messages from the media, from their peers, from their boyfriends to be better, to be prettier, to be more, more, more. As though being the individual that you were born to be isn’t good enough

“It’s a statement for me as an artist, but also a statement for me as a human being,” she continues. “I spent a lot of my life feeling really small and worthless, and to put out an album where I’ve gotten to say exactly what I want is gratifying beyond words. It’s a moment for me not to be a doormat anymore and to feel powerful and hopefully inspire that in other people in a way that’s fun and makes people feel something. I think that’s the message of the whole thing.”
“Heart On My Sleeve” by Mary Lambert is available now from iTunes at or from Amazon at Be sure and check out the official Mary Lambert website at, follow Mary on Twitter at @marylambertsing and on Facebook at You can find the video for “Secrets” on YouTube and be sure to check out MaryLambertVEVO for all of her videos.

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