Review: Levoit Cora Natural Glow Pink Sea Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

I have always admired the gorgeous Himalayan Salt Lamps that I’ve seen in my news feed and on Amazon and in the décor magazines I love to drool over. I finally found a deal that I couldn’t pass up and I bought a two pack from Levoit over on Amazon.

Levoit Cora Himalayan Pink Sea Crystal Salt Lamp

I did my homework, because I wanted to be sure that I was getting the real deal and not a knock-off (and they are out there believe me) so I checked a couple of different lamps and retailers before deciding to purchase the lamps through Levoit. My main reason? I received certified authentication after my purchase of the origins of the crystals provided to me.

Authenticity Provided by Levoit

They arrived beautifully boxed. I ordered the two lamp set and they each came individually boxed. I know that some of the reviews had mentioned that their bulbs or other parts were broken when they arrived because they were not packaged very well. Levoit took that issue to task and corrected it promptly – because it literally took me ten minutes to get the box open and get through all of the packing and cushioning – both for the box that they were shipped in as well as their containment boxes.

What you receive with the Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp

Each box contains the following:

  • (1) Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • (1) AC Power Adapter  and UL-Listed Cord 
  • (2) E10 2.5W Bulb (one pre-installed)
  •  User Manual​

I purchased the Himalayan Salt Lamp for several reasons. My husband and I both smoke in our apartment. We have lived here over 9 years, so yeah. It’s got that nasty cigarette odor when you first walk into the apartment – no matter how much I clean, deodorized, Febreze or air out the house. It’s just THERE. Since I was in the midst of a full-blown upper respiratory infection when I bought these, I was really looking forward to seeing if they would help with the air quality and improved breathing and reducing allergies for me.

Benefits of Negative Ions

I’ve had my lamps for about two weeks and I am thrilled to report that I’ve asked several different people (who have been to our home before) if they could smell the cigarette smoke when they arrived. The answer was a pleasantly surprising no. They worked! You know it’s always hard to tell yourself, especially in an environment where you live or work every day. So getting their honest opinions (before I told them why!) was a real boost for me.

I am also on the mend – although I don’t know if I should attribute that to the lamps or the double round of antibiotics and steroids that my doctor gave me – but hey, I’m willing to bet the lamps had something to do with that as well!

I love the little icon on the front of the base. You touch it once to turn it on low, touch it again for a bit more brightness, and touch it a third time to turn it off. I’ve left mine on for several days and it’s never felt hot or overheated at all. The light inside is your standard night light bulb, and gives off just the right amount of light to not be intrusive and hinder you falling asleep if you have one in your bedroom. I’ve put one in our living room and one in our bedroom, and even hubby has said that he likes the soft glow … this from a man who would have blackout curtains on every window of the house if I allowed him to!

So if you’re in the market for a Himalayan Salt Lamp but want to just “give it a go” first with something small before you shell out a larger amount of money for a larger stone, I highly recommend the Levoit 2 Pack Cora Himalayan Salt Lamps as a starting point.

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