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When winter rolls around – there’s nothing better than sitting in front of the fireplace, snuggled up with the ones you love, watching the beautiful lights twinkling on your tree, and drinking a delicious cup of hot cocoa or Christmas-flavored coffee.

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What isn’t fun is buying coffee or cocoa that you think you are going to like and then when you actually taste it, ugh. It isn’t what you expected or just doesn’t hit the satisfaction level. This is why I love buying sampler packs of hot cocoa and coffee. I am all but guaranteed to find a few that I absolutely love (and will buy more of) and what I don’t like, my kids may.

That’s one of the reasons why I love Two Rivers Coffee Company. They offer a wide range of coffee, tea, and cocoa products in single-serve cups that cater to every taste. You can buy a single sample box of cocoa or coffee or you can buy in bulk on their wholesale website for your office.

two rivers hot cocoa gift box

Hot Cocoa Gift Box

Perfect for the Holiday, for yourself, or as a gift! My kids love hot cocoa and go through it like water in the winter months. Warm up your holiday season with 12 cups of these delicious, creamy, hot cocoa selections. Each unique flavor is made with real premium cocoa. Here’s what’s in your gift box:

  1. Brooklyn Beans Carnival Hot Cocoa – this salted caramel hot cocoa combines these sweet and salty notes with creamy chocolate flavor. It’s all the stuff you like about the carnival, minus the wait in line!
  2. Brooklyn Beans Mint Cookie Hot Cocoa – It’s like taking a bit of your favorite chocolate mint sandwich cookie in a mug!
  3. Brooklyn Beans Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa – Peanut butter in your chocolate, chocolate in your peanut butter. We don’t care who got what in where; we’re just glad they did.
  4. Bosco Butterscotch Hot Cocoa – Since 1928, Bosco has been spreading smiles around the world with our delicious chocolate syrups and bars and now these timeless flavors are available in single-serve cups!
  5. Junior Mints Hot Cocoa – Craving the flavors of smooth peppermint and indulgent dark chocolate in one warm and comforting cup? Now, your taste buds don’t have to choose. Cool, refreshing mint meets rich, luscious dark chocolate in the hot cocoa take on America’s favorite chocolate covered creamy mint.
  6. Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa – As America’s favorite chewy chocolate candy, the Tootsie Roll has remained unchanged since it was first introduced in New York City in 1896. Now, you can enjoy the perfectly balanced cocoa taste, lined with subtle fruit-flavored undertones, as a steaming hot cups of delicious hot cocoa.
  7. Charleston Chew Vanilla Nougat – Named after a dance popular in the 1920’s, when The Charleston Chew was first introduced, this rich hot cocoa pairing smooth notes of milk chocolate with heavenly vanilla nougat might just have you tapping your toes.
  8. Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa – Sweet, rich, and overflowing with caramelly goodness, Sugar Babies have been an American favorite since the 1930’s. Brew up a cup of Sugar Babies cocoa to savor the chewy caramel treat’s smooth, slow-cooked caramel and candy taste in your favorite mug.
  9. Bosco Butterscotch Hot Cocoa – Since 1928, Bosco has been spreading smiles around the world with our delicious chocolate syrups and bars and now these timeless flavors are available in single serve cups!
  10. Soho Cocoa Chocolate Cherry – This cup of cocoa is bursting with sweet cherry flavor, you’ll think you’re diving into a box of chocolate covered cherries!
  11. Soho Cocoa Dark Passion – It’s the classic taste of cocoa you love, but with a grown-up twist
  12. Charleston Chew Strawberry Nougat – The chocolate strawberryness of this iconic brand in hot cocoa form is sure to have you feeling warm all over after your first sip. Experience the Ultimate Single Serve Hot Cocoa!

My favorite hot cocoa was – naturally – the Junior Mints Hot Cocoa. My eldest son loved Carnival Hot Cocoa and my youngest son loved the Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa. You can find these on Amazon or you can buy wholesale here.

Coffee Gift Box

The perfect holiday gift for yourself or the coffee lovers in your life! I remember fondly Christmas mornings growing up – we waited until my grandparents arrived from next door and had their fresh-brewed coffee in hand before my brother and I were allowed downstairs. The tree was lit, the fire was roaring, and mom always had Christmas music playing in the background. Give the gift the whole household can enjoy with these 12 unique flavors to choose from.

  1. Brooklyn Beans Brooklyn Bridge Blend – City lights sparkle like fresh fallen snow, and Brooklyn Bridge blend is here to warm up your holiday spirt! This is a delightful yet bold and flavorful medium roast that is sure to be hit at any holiday gathering.
  2. Brooklyn Beans Gingerbread Man – Run Run as fast as you can to your brewer to brew up a cup of delicious ginger and brown sugar flavored Gingerbread Man Coffee. It’ll disappear as fast as it came!
  3. Brooklyn Beans Maple Spice – New to Brooklyn Beans, we’ve added a bit of traditional holiday spice flavor to our already beloved Maple Sleigh coffee. Its sugar, spice, and all things nice.
  4. Brooklyn Beans Red Velvet Cake – There is nothing more decedent this time of year than a rich, chocolatey, cream-cheese frosted Red Velvet Cake. Well, maybe there is, we’ve added this decadent flavor into our smooth delicious coffee!
  5. Brooklyn Beans Vanilla Spice – Sweet Vanilla and warm holiday spices combine to create a classic winter taste. Enjoy a cup of Vanilla Spice to warm up your holiday morning, or sip a mug as you wind down by the fireplace at night.
  6. Friendly’s Peppermint Stick – Candy Canes are all-a-glow in this cup of joe! Once a year, Friendly’s releases a limited edition Peppermint Stick flavored ice cream, and we’ve jumped on board by adding this seasonal sensation to our line up of ice cream inspired Friendly’s coffee.
  7. Friendly’s Butterscotch Swirl – Time Honored and tested Butterscotch flavor is Swirled into our rich and smooth blend of coffee to create a brand new holiday classic!
  8. Hamilton Mills Cape Cod Roast – Leave the hustle and bustle of the season behind and relax into the true spirit of holiday enjoyment with a mug of Cape Cod Roast, a medium blend coffee from Hamilton Mills.
  9. Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Coffee – What’s more delicious than a juicy, ripe cherry? When it’s enrobed in a silky layer of premium chocolate. Enjoy our smooth coffee with the indulgent flavors of cella’s chocolate covered cherries, to create one supremely satisfying sip
  10. Andes Mint Chocolate Coffee – We have blended two classic after-dinner treats to come together in one delicious mint-chocolaty cup. When the fresh, cool flavor of Andes Mints combines with the rich bold taste of coffee, your taste buds will feel invigorated, no matter what time of day.
  11. Java Factory Donut Shop – This holiday season, we encourage you to (Donut) Shop til you drop! A yummy and versatile cup of medium roast coffee, this has all the flavor and get up and go you’ll need to shop til you’ve found that perfect for everyone on your list? Maybe even this box of coffee 🙂
  12. Java Factory Jingle Java – Jingle all the way! Hazelnuts are a tell tail sign of the season, and combine that with savory nutmeg and you’ve got yourself a bell ringing cup of coffee!

My favorite coffee (so far) has been the Andes Mint Chocolate Coffee – I could drink that every day all day. I also love the Andes Mints so … no big leap there. The Brooklyn Beans Maple Spice runs a very close second – another favorite I wouldn’t mind having on hand all day long! You can find these on Amazon or you can buy wholesale here.

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You can find more great selections of coffee, tea, and cocoa on the Two Rivers Coffee store on Amazon. Follow them on social media for great deals and new flavors as they are released. We are sure they are going to be in your cart every month just like ours!

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