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Are you one of those social media influencers who is more micro than macro when it comes to a following on Instagram? I can post anything I want on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest, but if you really want to make money using Instagram, you need to have a certain number of followers to be able to use the swipe up feature in your stories to share a product and the link to its sales page.

So what happens to those of us trying to reach that magic number of 10,000 followers on Instagram who already have a business page? We got left behind until now!

LinkFolio for All

I found this amazing tool that allows you to place one link in your bio on all of your social media channels and drive sales directly to your Amazon storefront, your own store, or any of the affiliate programs you work with. It’s called LinkFolio and it’s free!

pricing for linkfolio

While similar to Linktree or Milkshake, LinkFolio delivers so much more to every creator – regardless of your size. With the free version, which you may want to give a go before committing to the paid version, you can make changes to your social media channels, upload campaigns you’ve done that you are proud of, and so much more – right in one location! The paid versions just give you even more ways to customize your media kit.

Sharing on Social Media

I have my LinkFolio media kit linked on all of my social media channels right now. I opted for the basic plan to see how it goes for a month or two, especially during the holiday season.

The pricing is really great, considering I’m on a budget (as most people are due to the pandemic) but even with the free plan – there are tons of ways you can customize your media kit. Here’s a look at mine:

As you can see, I have a link to my Amazon storefront, my billboard, as well as my other social media channels that I am active on. I also added my Christmas category on the blog and our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide as well. I get to put a few highlights about working with me and, best of all, I’m able to hand-select brands that I wish to work with from those that are available.

Background on FamePick/LinkFolio

In today’s influencer industry, connecting and working with brands is difficult. Without a service like LinkFolio, you need to search the internet for brand contacts and PR representatives, send out email after email, all which take time away from doing what you love – creating content!

referral code to sign up for LinkFolio

FamePick is here to change the game! With FamePick’s newest feature, LinkFolio, you will now have the power to upgrade your one link bio. Gone are the days of choosing which link to put in your bio. Now your link is supercharged with LinkFolio to house all of your outbound links and your professional media kit in one place.

If you are interested in signing up yourself to try the free version you can do so by using my referral code which is FMNdvIwl6, simply enter it in where it asks for the Referral/Access Code when you signup!

Here’s to your success my friends – made easier by LinkFolio! Drop a line in the comments and let me know your thoughts on it!

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