Review of Super Moms Inc. – An Answer to a Prayer

How many of you mothers out there have dabbled with the thought of being able to work from home so that you could be there for your children? How many of you have attempted to start your own home business and completely and utterly failed (just like I have) due to a lack of not knowing exactly what to do, where to go for customers, how to market your business? Yup, that’s what I thought. Well ladies, insert the heavenly chorus of angels singing hallelujah, I have FOUND THE ANSWER YOU SEEK.

Being a work-at-home-mom is something that I have dreamed about being able to do for the past 24 years. How to go about making it a reality, however, has been the hard part. I have searched for hours and hours at a time over the years to find a web site or book or program to tell me what the best fields were for successful home businesses, how to use my talents and incorporate them into a profitable home business, and how to go about getting customers, keeping them, and eventually expanding your customer base. I’ve spent money on the programs that promise you a “guaranteed income” within 30 days if you sign up now (completely free) and then after five pages of hype and sales pitching, you get to the form that wants you to send them $39.95 for their program with a money-back guarantee that never materializes. After doing several of these programs and receiving no refunds and no income, The Man Thing put his foot down and refused to allow me to throw more money away at following my dream.

I’ve searched our local newspaper for telecommuting positions and work from home positions. I do not want to stuff 500 envelopes a day to earn $3.00, and I don’t have a masters degree in rocket science and cannot work on complicated scientific equations from home. There went that idea. Quite frankly, I gave up. I’m not the type to sign up for some pyramid marketing scheme and then sucker all of my friends into sending me $39.95 for my program (which is a PDF document instructing them how to set up a web site requesting $39.95 from people that they sign up for the PDF document). That wasn’t for me either.

Lately, however, I’ve been searching the internet and trolling the paper for work at home positions that might be available. The need to bring in some additional income – if to do nothing more than just supplement what The Man Thing brings home to enable me to get the little things that the kids want each week – has been weighing on me heavily. I understand that stay-at-home-moms have a full-time job just taking care of their homes and families, but for me personally, I just don’t feel as though I’m ‘contributing’ to the family in a positive manner unless I am able to pay for a few things here and there from money that I have earned myself. As I said, even if its just enough income for me to pay for school field trips and lunches, a new pair of sneakers now and again, or a couple of goodies the kids might be wanting – just a little something of my own so that I can purchase these things for them when they ask. Unfortunately, I was finding the same scams and opportunities for others – nothing really available for my particular skill set (administrative assistant / graphic design area) and I was getting discouraged.

16161315I have had the distinct pleasure (and MAJOR excitement rush) of reviewing a book authored by Carolyn Woods entitled “Super Moms Inc.: Work From Home, Build a Profitable Home Business, and Find Time For Your Family When You Have Kids To Take Care Of!” and I cannot begin to describe the huge friggin grin on my face! FINALLY!!! Information that us moms can USE, that is REAL, that WILL HELP US FULFILL OUR DREAMS!!!

Carolyn is a wonderful mother of four children herself, who understands the pitfalls out there. Her book gives you all of the core fundamentals that you need and practical advice from her own experience and the experiences of her friends and tells you exactly step-by-step what the best types of home businesses are and how to go about making them a reality!

Super Moms Inc. is broken into two main sections: Developing Your Plan and Designing Your Business. Most of you will want to jump directly to the Designing Your Business section (I know, I did it too!) but DON’T DO IT! You really do need to develop a plan and consider all of the pros and cons of your particular idea before you jump headfirst into something and end up failing because you didn’t plan ahead of time and take into consideration all the various things that can (and usually will) happen.

In summary, Super Moms Inc. is the work-at-home mom’s blueprint to a successful business, from start to finish. Once you have this information at the ready, you will need nothing more than your own talents and imagination to make your business work. The sky is the limit!

You can purchase Carolyn’s book, Super Moms Inc., from for $15.95 and you can also enjoy a sneak peek absolutely free!

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