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Sugar Bowl Bakery

I absolutely love bringing my readers amazing products from companies that stand out above the rest. Sugar Bowl Bakery is one such company.

In case you weren’t aware, you can find the complete line of Sugar Bowl Bakery products at Costco, Safeway, and Walgreens just to name a few.

Sugar Bowl Bakery was just a small neighborhood coffee shop in San Francisco’s Richmond District when the Ly brothers purchased it in 1984. They had a dream and ambition and started out making pastries from scratch to sell to the community. They used only the purest ingredients, which quickly drove them to be the shop for desserts in the area.

Ly Brothers of Sugar Bowl Bakery

Their customers were constantly telling them that their pastries were so good that they should expand their distribution. They listened and now, 27 years later, Sugar Bowl Bakery has nearly 120,000 square feet of state-of-the-art production facilities. Custom made ovens, mixers, and robotic packaging lines have not changed their commitment to quality. They still use quality ingredients that purchased in volume allows them to deliver high quality decadent treats to the masses at affordable prices.

Sugar Bowl Bakery is now one of America’s largest family owned, national minority certified bakery manufacturer selling to the top retailers in the USA.

That is one of the reasons that endears this company to me. Even though they have expanded their distribution, they never once compromised their integrity or their product. Pretty sweet, huh?

On to the deliciously decadent treats from Sugar Bowl Bakery!

Sugar-Bowl-Desserts_07Petite Brownie Bites

I’m sure that you’ve had these delicious little morsels before, but you have not lived until you’ve tried the ones from Sugar Bowl Bakery. I love brownies in any shape or form, but these little bite-sized morsels of chocolate heaven were absolutely divine. Did you know that you can eat them right out of the box, or warm them up just a bit? Add a bit of ice cream as well and you will literally feel as though you are in heaven! I had to grab a few for myself before the tween and teen vulture descended upon them!

Petite PalmiersSugar-Bowl-Desserts_09

A centuries-old French recipe with over three hundred layers of dough and 100% butter, make each bite of our signature Petite Palmiers irresistibly flaky.  It’s an enticing and unique cookie that’s even better with ice cream, whip cream, or just a touch of honey! The boys didn’t care for these that much, but I sure did! I loved the buttery taste and the crunch!


Craving something sweet but not too sweet?  Baked to be firm yet delicately crunchy, our petite French cake cookies are the answer.  Serve these at your next dinner party or just indulge in them by yourself with a hot cup of tea or coffee. I had a really difficult time choosing my favorite from all three, but I think the Madeleines won 1st place, the Brownie Bites 2nd pace, and the Palmiers came in 3rd.

The Brownie ThiefAs you can see, I had to keep a close eye on all three of these delicious treats from the kids. They are just as crazy about these Sugar Bowl Bakery desserts as I am!

You Can Make Your Own

This is what I love about the Sugar Bowl Bakery – they have downloadable PDF recipes of all three of these delicious treats! All you need to do is download the recipe and start baking! How totally cool is that? Most people, when they have a product this great, keep the recipe closely guarded and do not share it with anyone. The Ly Brothers want you to have every opportunity to enjoy their treats – so if you do not live near one of the stores that they distribute to – you can make your own!

We give all three of these award-winning treats a two-thumbs up! Be sure to try each of them and you will see why we’re still swooning over the decadent morsels from heaven!

Disclosure: The above items were received to facilitate review. I have not been compensated for this post. Life in a House of Testosterone will always give honest opinions, beliefs or experiences on products reviewed. We will only recommend products or services that we feel are of benefit to our readers. 

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  1. I have never heard of the Sugar Bowl Bakery before. All of these look so delicious especially the Petite Brownie Bites. Next time I go in Walgreen's I am going to buy some.

  2. Thanks for the Terrific Review on Sugar Bowl Bakery! These 3 items you received look absolutely Delicious! I have a Walgreen's not too far from me and I'm going to have to check and see if they carry them! I'm dying to try them now that I've seen them! Doesn't help that my stomach is growling right now either! LOL Thanks you so very much for all the information you provided us about the Sugar Bowl Bakery! I was not aware that they actually post their recipes online for people to make! You don't see that one too often! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  3. These look really good. I can't believe I can find them at Walgreens. I will have to keep a look out.

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