Review: Ullo Wine Purifier

I can hear you know saying to yourself, what the blazes is a wine purifier? For those of you new to the wine tasting world, the Üllo Wine Purifier instantly restores the natural taste of wine. Üllo uses the purification power of Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology combined with an adjustable wine aerator in a single, intuitive design that respects the simplicity and ritual of wine.

What Wines Need to Breathe

Not all wines require aerating but most red wines and a few white wines need to ‘breathe’ before being consumed. In layman’s terms, after being cooped up in a wine bottle for so long, they need to be exposed to the air (to oxygen) prior to drinking so that the flavors of the wine ‘open up’ and you get the full taste and character of the wine. Makes sense, right?

No, just popping the cork and letting it sit isn’t going to do the trick. That skinny wine bottle neck doesn’t allow enough oxygen to get to the wine.

What about a decanter? You could use a decanter to pour an entire bottle of wine into to allow it to breathe before enjoying. This would be fine for a dinner party where you know the entire bottle will be consumed, but what if you want to just enjoy a glass or two right now? 

That’s where the magic of Üllo comes in, filtering the sulfites and sediments, and bringing your glass of wine back to its natural state. It comes with an adjustable on/off aerator and fits any type of wine glass.


I adore the modular design, and the silicone display base that it rests in when not in use and to capture any stray drips after purification.

My Üllo arrived in a beautiful package. The box holds everything inside for safekeeping, including the black drawstring pouch and the 4 selective sulfite capture filters that are included.

ullo wine purifier

drawstring bag and filters

Using Your Üllo Wine Purifier

The directions to use the Üllo purifier are super simple. Once you remove it from the box, the instructions are located inside. You simply press down with your thumbs in the center to pop the top off and reveal the purifying circle underneath.

Now you are ready to open up one of the four selective sulfite capture filters that are included with your purchase. Just lay that down on top of the opening, and snap the top back on.

Now it’s time to pour the wine! Just adjust the base to line up to the “air” lines on the glass. I tried the Üllo out on a bottle of 2016 Yellow Tail Shiraz a friend had given to me. I personally am a Moscato lover myself, but decided to give it a try. Before I used the Üllo – it tasted bitter to me straight from the bottle and into the glass. Like I said, not a huge fan of red wines to begin with so take that into consideration. 

Then I poured a glass of wine through the Üllo purifier and tasted. Not bad! A good bit of the bitterness dissipated and the red berries and spice were much more noticeable. I actually enjoyed the purified version much more so than the bottle to glass version.

Where to Get Your Üllo

You can purchase the Üllo Wine Purifier on their website, or at any of their authorized retail partners such as Amazon, Bloomingdales, Best Buy, Wine Enthusiast, Crate & Barrel, Frontgate, and more. Sign up on the website for their mailing list and get 10% off your purifier!

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You can connect with Üllo on their social media channels on FacebookTwitterInstagram.

If you love a great glass of wine, we highly recommend the Üllo products. Life in a House gives it a two thumbs up, five-star rating! Stay tuned for a special treat for our readers!

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