Richmond Needs Snapology for Our Youth (+ a Snapology Alligator Lego® Giveaway)

I’m excited to be partnering with Nakturnal for a giveaway where you can enter to win a LEGO® brick set of the Snapology Mascot – Sebastian Gator! Find all the details below!

One of the most important things a parent can do for their child is to ensure they receive a good education. It’s the foundation on which the rest of their lives will be built. Unfortunately, not all public school systems have the same funding and the same resources, and not everyone can afford a private school education. So what do you do?

STEM and STEAM Learning Concepts

I know you’ve seen the commercials with the celebrities stating we don’t need more football, basketball, soccer players, actresses, models – we need more kids to see the world of possibilities with free tech and free hands-on learning. Snapology programs focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning concepts. They also qualify for use of STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) grants provided to many schools, libraries and non-profit organizations.

When all three of my children were younger, interactive hands-on learning is something that they all responded to. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy learning something while you’re playing at the same time? At Snapology, it is their mission to inspire children to pursue careers in STEM fields through educational play and hands-on learning at a young age.

Education with a Future

With over 4 million jobs available right now in the science and tech industries, don’t you want your children to have the skills to fill these positions?

Snapology offers a variety of programs such as these:

  • STEM Programs
  • Robotics
  • Themed Programs
  • Pre-School
  • Video Game Design
  • Competitions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Scouting
  • Special Needs
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Team Building

Employers are increasingly seeking workers skilled in STEM areas, which is why Snapology is taking an active role to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers & mathematicians through excitement in these concepts at an early age. Through engagement in programs like this, our kids will increase their interest in doing well in school and become more interested in attending college.

Flexible Curriculum and Goals

Not only does Snapology offer a variety of activities designed to reinforce core competencies and curriculum being taught at each grade level, the curriculum is flexible and allows teachers to adapt to the needs of each unique group of students. This allows children to progress and explore at their own pace and benefits all students – gifted, traditional, and special needs students including sensory and autism spectrum. The programs can also be customized based on the number of children, their age, the time available and any other special requirements you may have.

Richmond Needs Snapology – Franchise Opportunities

Richmond and the surrounding counties would benefit greatly from a local Snapology that everyone would benefit from. Not just our students, but corporations here can use the team building programs that Snapology offers as well. 

At Snapology, they understand that children are meant to learn through play. When children are actively engaged in hands-on, interactive learning activities, their creativity flourishes and they show a greater interest in school.  If kids are happy, then parents are happy and your business will flourish.

  • Programs are fun.  If it isn’t fun, children will lose interest. Snapology programs provide the right balance between fun and education to appeal equally to children and their parents. 
  • Dozens of Revenue Streams.  Just imagine the possibilities with over 40 different program topics and themes to offer for classes, parties, summer camps, scouting events…and the list goes on. Birthday parties alone are a $10 billion industry!
  • Large Territories.  We don’t mess around with small territories. We want you to have a large operating area so you can fulfill your dreams. 
  • Low Cost, Home Based.  Snapology is a low cost, home-based, mobile business teaching robotics and STEAM principles through classes, camps, parties and other events. 

To find out more about opening a Snapology franchise in Richmond, visit their website!

Giveaway begins on 10/21/2017 and will end at midnight EST on 11/4/2017. Giveaway is open to residents of the United States, age 18 and older.

Mandatory Entry – to be eligible to win, you must comment on this blog post and answer the following question: What is your child’s favorite method of STEM-based play? If you have not tried one yet, which idea are you most likely to implement first?

Thanks for reading about Snapology and good luck on the giveaway!


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  1. I love all STEM activities and they are all the rage now, but as a homeschooler I have been doing STEM activities forever now. We love using legos in day to day learning, using them to teach math, colors, counting all sorts of things. I love STEM and think that this approach to learning should have and should be taught everywhere in all schools.

  2. i love the idea of legos for STEM. they model siple machines and even robots. my son is on the spectrum and conncets with lego

  3. My grandchildren like to play with Legos and build their dreams. I know how important STEM is to kids, and I hope my grandchildren continue to learn and love.

  4. My seven year old granddaughter likes to play and create with Legos. Thankfully she’s very creative just like her parents. She also likes science and age appropriate science and chemistry kits. She is very curious and and eager to learn.

  5. My son has aspergers and sometimes struggles a bit, but these types of toys can help in big ways!

  6. They love lego’s, reading and hand’s on stem kits that make them create, for example…making a solar car,etc.

  7. I love educational toys for my grandchildren. They really like using their thinking skills and imagination with Lego products. Thank you so much for sharing these gift ideas. God Bless

  8. We love using our legos! Lately I have been using them to help teach my youngest fractions.

  9. My children LOVE Legos and this would be such a wonderful addition to their collection on Christmas morning.

  10. My granddaughter is five and one of her favorite things to do is science experiments. I am a former elementary teacher so I have a stash of ideas, but there are also so many on the internet.

  11. 2 twin 10 year olds who collect nothing else but LEGO’S. Always good to add to their collection of goodies.

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