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We’re always looking at ways to cut costs without cutting quality. From reducing our food bills to cutting our energy bills, saving money on the basics to spend on those little luxuries in life is what it’s all about.

You’ve energy-proofed your home and now it’s time to turn your attention to that other money pit, your vehicle. Whether you ride a motorbike or drive a car, chances are one of your big expenditures each month is on fuelling and keeping your vehicle on the road.

In this post, we take a look at how to cut down costs for both your bike and car.

Your Bike

When you made the switch from car to a bike you knew you were going to save money and it was a sound investment. However, costs can still mount up and if you’re looking to save even more money then it’s high time you took a look at these top tips.

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Keep your tires pumped up. We’re all about reducing drag on your bike, so whether that’s keeping your tyres at optimal levels or ditching those cumbersome panniers, reducing drag is what it’s all about. Your bike will have to work less when accelerating saving you money over time.

Speaking of accelerating and decelerating, now is the time to remember to take it easy when you’re speeding up and slowing down. You’re probably the fastest on the road when you’re queued at the lights but don’t be tempted to pull away at top speed. Gradual acceleration again forces your bike to work less hard, saving on wear and tear and on fuel consumption.

You only need a little know-how and practice to learn some basic motorcycle maintenance and even a little knowledge can go a long way in saving your money. From knowing how to change the oil to replacing air filters and carrying out basic check-ups, anything you can safely do yourself will save you a trip to the mechanics. You can also source good quality but effective parts online from sites such as Solo Moto.

Your Car

Saving cash on your car is also a practical exercise and one that can be done fairly easily. Firstly, consider lightening the load. Take out all the tools and sports equipment from the back and your car will have to work less hard to get up to the speed you require.

Just like a motorbike, think about taking your foot off the gas a little when you speed up and avoid being too heavy footed on the brake when you slow down.

Drive along in the highest gear you safely can help your engine in making less effort to cruise. Too low a gear will burn through fuel, so even when you’re moving fairly slowly think about changing up as quickly as is practical.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, fill your car up with the best fuel you can afford. Often these cleaner fuels will help your engine to run more efficiently and in the long run, will make the fuel stretch further while keeping your engine in better condition.

Just like a bike make sure your tires are pumped up to maximum load for less drag and take off items such as roof boxes and trailers when you’re not using them for more aerodynamic performance. 

When you’re at traffic lights or find yourself idling while waiting for someone then consider killing the engine. Many modern cars will do this automatically, but if you have an older vehicle then you should do this yourself for better efficiency and a cleaner environment.

If you are finding that your car’s age works against you in terms of how much money you’re spending then a newer vehicle might be best for long term savings. Consider an upgrade an investment, you should pay less car tax, have lower insurance rates and find your newer vehicle runs more efficiently overall.

Saving money is all a question of knowing a few tricks and tips when it comes to your vehicle. Follow our advice and that monthly fuel bill should come tumbling down, leaving you more spare cash to do the fun things in life. 

Ease off the gas and go lighter on the breaking, remove excess weight from the boot and make your ride a more aerodynamic one. Upgrade your fuel for better overall performance in both car and motorbike.

Put all these into place and you’ll not only be driving smarter, but you’ll also be driving cheaper too.

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