RVA Tacky Lights Tour – Thanksgiving Day Edition

The Tacky Lights Tour has kind of become a tradition in our family – we usually head out around mid-December to check out the homes decorated for the holidays. This year; however, I saw that several homes were hosting their “grand illuminations” on Thanksgiving Day. You know me, hate to miss out on anything … so when my daughter asked what we were doing yesterday afternoon I said, “Checking out the Tacky Lights Tour with you!”

I’ll let the photos we snapped speak for themselves.

9716 Wendhurst Avenue – Al and Esther Thompson

9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-26 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-25 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-24
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-23 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-22 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-21
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-20 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-19 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-16
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-15 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-14 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-1
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-12 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-11 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-10
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-8 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-7 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-6
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-5 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-4 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-2

9604 and 9606 Asbury Court – The Phifer Family

9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-1 9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-2 9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-3
9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-4 9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-5 9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-6

The holidays are officially on in the #RVA now that the Tacky Lights Tour has begun! We will be sharing more events from around the region later in the season so stay tuned!

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  1. We love going to see all the lights. I am a huge decorator for all the holidays but at Christmas, the more the better.

  2. Thanks So Much for Sharing, I Also Love Riding Around Looking for Houses that are Decorated Elaborately! I Live in North Carolina, About 5 Minutes from this Place Called McAdenville and it is Known as Christmas Town USA b/c the Whole Town Decorates to the Max! Their Whole Power Bill for December is Paid for b/c it’s Considered a Tourist Attraction Where People Come from All Over Just to See the Lights but the Traffic There Can Be Awful So We Usually Go on a Monday When it’s Not So Busy! Well Thanks Again for Sharing, I enjoy Looking at All of the Pictures! Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

    • Well talk about a small world! I spent about 7 or 8 years in Jacksonville, NC with my ex-husband Jana! He was in the United States Marine Corps and stationed at MCAS New River near Camp Lejeune. When he left to go to Parris Island, SC to become a drill instructor, my daughter and I remained in Jacksonville for about another year before moving to Richmond, VA. I’ve heard of McAdenville but never had the pleasure of visiting while I lived in NC. You’re a total lucky duck lol!