RVA Tacky Lights Tour – Thanksgiving Day Edition

The Tacky Lights Tour has kind of become a tradition in our family – we usually head out around mid-December to check out the homes decorated for the holidays. This year; however, I saw that several homes were hosting their “grand illuminations” on Thanksgiving Day. You know me, hate to miss out on anything … so when my daughter asked what we were doing yesterday afternoon I said, “Checking out the Tacky Lights Tour with you!”

I’ll let the photos we snapped speak for themselves.

9716 Wendhurst Avenue – Al and Esther Thompson

9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-26 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-25 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-24
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-23 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-22 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-21
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-20 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-19 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-16
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-15 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-14 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-1
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-12 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-11 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-10
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-8 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-7 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-6
9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-5 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-4 9716-wendhurst-avenue-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-2

9604 and 9606 Asbury Court – The Phifer Family

9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-1 9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-2 9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-3
9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-4 9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-5 9604-and-9606-asbury-court-richmond-va-tacky-lights-tour-2016-photo-6

The holidays are officially on in the #RVA now that the Tacky Lights Tour has begun! We will be sharing more events from around the region later in the season so stay tuned!

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  1. We love going to see all the lights. I am a huge decorator for all the holidays but at Christmas, the more the better.

  2. Thanks So Much for Sharing, I Also Love Riding Around Looking for Houses that are Decorated Elaborately! I Live in North Carolina, About 5 Minutes from this Place Called McAdenville and it is Known as Christmas Town USA b/c the Whole Town Decorates to the Max! Their Whole Power Bill for December is Paid for b/c it’s Considered a Tourist Attraction Where People Come from All Over Just to See the Lights but the Traffic There Can Be Awful So We Usually Go on a Monday When it’s Not So Busy! Well Thanks Again for Sharing, I enjoy Looking at All of the Pictures! Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

    • Well talk about a small world! I spent about 7 or 8 years in Jacksonville, NC with my ex-husband Jana! He was in the United States Marine Corps and stationed at MCAS New River near Camp Lejeune. When he left to go to Parris Island, SC to become a drill instructor, my daughter and I remained in Jacksonville for about another year before moving to Richmond, VA. I’ve heard of McAdenville but never had the pleasure of visiting while I lived in NC. You’re a total lucky duck lol!

  3. I love it!!! So much fun! Our old neighbors could belong to a tacky lights tour without even trying. LOL I love all Christmas lights and decorations….as long as they are down before Easter. LOL

  4. I love, Love, LOVE Christmas lights!! The tackier the better! Your pictures look like a carnival!!!

  5. Christmas lights came up at a dinner party last night night and I had to talk about your post! My friends loved the term Tacky Lights Tour!

  6. I saw some tacky decorations yesterday. I believe it was at a local cafe….I thought they were terrible, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

  7. If my husband had his druthers, our house would be on this tour! Inflatables, lots of lights, moving parts – yup! That would be his dream!

    • Tell him to go for it … I’m too chicken … we have a killer electric bill already … I can just imagine what all those extra lights and inflatables would do to the meter lol!

  8. I have to say, I love the lights and decorations! They are loud, over the top, slightly obnoxious, and absolutely perfect! In my little county corner of the world we don’t see many houses like that. There is one house about 20 minutes away that goes all out every year. When you drive up to the house (kinda, you line up in your cars in front of the house on the street) there is a sign that says to turn your radio to a specific station. Do so and let the fun begin! All the lights are synched with the music and the “show” lasts for 10-15 minutes. They play everything from classic Christmas carols to Popish Christmas tunes. It is awesome to watch and my kids love it. I can’t wait to take them this year!!

  9. What a fun idea to do. We live out in the country and hardly anyone puts lights up anymore so, I wld welcome any lights. You’re making fun memories

  10. You’ve got to give them credit for their enthusiasm. My kids would love to take in your Tacky Lights Tour. And they’re older now!

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