PNP Santa Is Coming!

Did you know that Santa and his elves are super busy at the North Pole right now, working on the naughty and nice list, making toys, and checking things twice? Santa and I have been great friends since way back in the day.

I will never forget the first time he did a favor for me. It was back in 2009, and the boys were leaning towards being on the naughty list in a big way. Well naturally, as a mother, you don’t want to see your child get coal in their stocking for Christmas, so I did what any mother would do. I gave Santa a call. I explained the situation to him and told him that I needed his help. A short time later, I got a special delivery from the North Pole in my inbox. (Those elves are friggin quick I tell ya!)

Santa had made a video for each of the boys! He told them that he’d had a talk with me and that, while I had some concerns about their placement on the naughty or nice list, Santa knew that they would do their best to correct the mistakes that they were making so that they would be able to stay on the nice list. Their eyes lit up in amazement that (a) I had a direct line to Santa Claus and (b) that he took the time out of his busy schedule to record a video just for them.

Needless to say, that was one of the best Christmas gifts I could have given the boys that year!

Every year about this time, Santa sends out an “all-call” to parents informing them that he is gearing up for the holidays. Are your children asking questions like, “Does Santa get presents at Christmas?” or “How do we know if any elves are nearby?” Well Sanoma, the official spokes-elf for the Department of Human Relations at the North Pole has answers to these questions and many more!

For Mom and Dad Only – Psst, parents! Santa has a store where you can get amazing deals on all of the physical products (letters, puzzles, certificates, stickers, door hangers, coloring books and placemats) as well as savings on a video and phone call bundle as well right here!

Last but not least, whenever you purchase a personalized gift from Santa, the fine folks at Portable North Pole donate a portion to the Children’s Hospital closest to you. They donate to hospitals in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and coming soon to Australia as well.

The Inventioneer elves have told me that they are giving Santa’s PNP console an upgrade this year with brand new themes, extra scenes for his personalized video message, and more Christmas magic than ever before! It’s all coming this month – in both FREE and PREMIUM versions.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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