Scam Alert – Microsoft Tech Support Calls

I know that not everyone knows their computer inside and out like I do, which is why I am posting this message.  I received a phone call today from a reported Microsoft Tech Support technician.  The first tip off that I was being scammed was the fact that he had a very heavy accent (from India I believe) so I left him talk while I checked the caller ID.  You see, I have had actual calls from Microsoft Tech Support before and know what the caller ID will show – and private caller, number unavailable is NOT what should appear.

The caller informed me several times (in an effort to gain trust and ‘convince’ me of the authenticity of his call) that he was with Microsoft Tech Support and that he was calling to assist me with my Windows operating system issues that my computer has been sending to tech support.  You know when you have a problem with  your computer and a program crashes or closes unexpectedly and you get the pop-up that asks “would you like to send this error report to Microsoft to help them correct the problem?”  That is what he was referring to, but then when he flip-flopped and said that they were messages sent without my knowledge to Microsoft, I knew he was lying straight away because my computer is configured NOT send or receive any type of information without my knowledge and approval.

I let him ramble for a bit until he asked me to be sure that I was in front of my computer.  I told him that I was not going to get in front of my computer and type in anything that he asked me to or provide him any information from my computer.  At that point, my husband took the phone out of my hand to speak to this person, at which time he promptly disconnected the call.

Unfortunately, Comcast could not record the incoming telephone number either so I cannot report these individuals to the FBI, but I can tell YOU about it and keep them from scamming others out there.

Microsoft Does Not Make Unsolicited Phone Calls to Help You Fix Your Computer

If you receive an unsolicited email message or phone call that claims to be from Microsoft and requests that you send personal information or click links – delete the message or hang up the phone. 

Microsoft mentions this particular scam on their web site HERE and I highly suggest you read this information when you have a moment to protect yourself and your family.

Treat all unsolicited phone calls with SKEPTICISM and DO NOT provide any personal information.  Microsoft Tech Support DOES NOT MAKE THESE KINDS OF CALLS. 

A computer user forewarned is a protected computer user.

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