Back to School, Fall Season, and Halloween – Are You Ready?

The fall season is right around the corner and those ghouls and goblins are lining up in the employment lines for those coveted Halloween Haunt positions around town. I’ve seen several of the favorite spots advertising already for said ghouls and goblins. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is looking to hire hundreds of people for the upcoming Howl-O-Scream that they put on every October. (For those of you in the #RVA, the job fairs will be from 1pm to 6pm on August 9 and again on August 16. Head to the employee entrance when you get to the park or you can apply online).

Fall is Coming!

Do I Really Want to Verbally Say I Love Fall?

I’m looking forward to the fall and to the holidays that come. For our family, this is an entirely crazy time of year – the period between September and March every year. Here’s why:

  • September – Back to School – Hooray!!!
  • October – Halloween
  • November – Molly’s Birthday (3rd), April’s Birthday (4th), Jonathan’s Birthday (16), Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of the month)
  • December – Christmas and New Year’s Eve
  • January – New Year’s Day and Hubby’s Birthday (21st)
  • February – Yours Truly’s Birthday (11th), Valentine’s Day
  • March – Tre’s Birthday (13), St. Patrick’s Day (17)

That’s just our little family of four there. Throw in parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends birthdays as well and it all gets a bit overwhelming.

What’s So Special About Fall?

I can only speak for the East Coast people here (namely Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania since I’ve lived in all of those locations) but the arrival of Fall is a blessed event around these parts. Especially for those of us in Virginia and North Carolina. The humidity in these two states during the summer can become absolutely brutal and Fall is such a welcome relief from the high humidity.

Crisp mornings, enjoying a cup of coffee wrapped in a warm blanket on the back steps, waiting for the school bus to arrive and whisk the children off to another day of reading, writing, and arithmetic. The still comfortable days but the cool mornings and evenings just have me sighing in anticipation.

Are You Ready For the Madness?

Are you ready for it all? I am dealing with the fall in chunks. Get the kids back to school and in to their school routines once again. We also have our end of the summer pool party here at our apartment community, which is just a few days before school begins, so that fits perfectly with the plans.

Once they are back in school and settled, it will be time to turn our attention to fall wholeheartedly. All the wonderful fall decorations, recipes, festivals and events. Time to start planning the huge holiday cleaning session (ugh, not looking forward to that) and getting the home ready for guests and family that might pop in. We begin plotting towards the end of September on how the boys want to “represent” this year for Halloween. Then there are the haunts and hay rides, pumpkin picking and apple cider drinking days to enjoy leading up to Halloween. 

Before you know it, All Hallow’s Eve is just a memory, and we are being thrown headlong into the Christmas season. Seems that Thanksgiving just gets kicked to the curb every year. Before Halloween is even over, there will be Christmas decorations all over your favorite store … watch and see.

Back to the fall – what’s your favorite thing to do, favorite food, favorite drink, favorite place to visit during the fall? Leave a comment for us below and we just might feature your comment on an upcoming fall-themed post!

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