Seasonal and Fundraising Fun with The Pasta Shoppe

Disclosure: I received a sample box with a variety of products for purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions, however, are 100% my own – as usual!

Let me start out by saying that our family adores pasta – in any shape or flavor. For us, having the opportunity to review the yummy selections you will find at The Pasta Shoppe, was an absolute dream come true! My only concern was that, with the testosterone carriers being such particular eaters (they may eat in large quantities but they are very particular when it comes to taste and texture!) that they may not like some of the different flavors or pastas. I was willing to test it all out on them though!

I was absolutely amazed at the assortment of products that arrived for us to sample! In addition to what you see below, we also received their Cheesy Pasta, Chicken Noodle Soup, Reindeer Noodle Soup and Wintertime Chili mixes! Being on an extremely tight budget (you can hear it screaming from a mile away) our family usually has pasta with or as the main course of our meals five out of seven days a week.


I was thrilled with the variety that was available for us to try and set to work cooking that very same afternoon! The first item that we tried was the Chicken Noodle soup. I had some leftover chicken that I’d made the night before that was perfect to add to the soup. I followed the easy to follow directions on the back of the package and within no time at all, I had an absolutely delicious pot of chicken noodle soup with little chickens everywhere that the boys absolutely INHALED I tell you! There literally was nothing left for me to even take a photo of, they ate it that fast and had second helpings as well!

The next item that I made was the Hokies Pasta Salad. I hate to admit this, but it was so darn good, that I didn’t share it with anyone – including The Man Thing! I gave him a wee taste of mine (which he loved, naturally) and then threatened him with bodily harm if I came out to the refrigerator in the morning and found my pasta salad gone! He did actually steal a small bowl full but there was enough left over for me to have as my lunch the next day so he was forgiven. It was so delicious, that I ate over half of it for dinner that night and finished the rest the following day for lunch.

The surprise hit for the entire family though? The Spinach Basil Garlic Angel Hair Pasta Nests. Hubby cannot usually eat anything with garlic in it because he will have an allergic reaction to it. Nobody likes spinach, but I do quite a bit of cooking with basil. So I decided to give it a shot. I baked a pork tenderloin in some cream of mushroom soup in the oven until it was tender enough to just pull apart with a fork. Cooked the angel hair pasta according to the directions, and served it up as shown below.


They absolutely LOVED IT. I could not believe it. My own dinner ended up growing cold because I sat there, stunned, watching them eat this meal with not nary a complaint! I did not tell them what type of pasta it was, and hubby never had any type of reaction to the garlic in it at all. (Which just goes to prove my theory that I think its all in his head sometimes). Another huge hit with the kids was the Cheesy Pasta. I was instructed to “never buy macaroni and cheese from the store again, only from The Pasta Shoppe, or they would refuse to eat it.” Out of the mouths of babes, right?

About The Pasta Shoppe
The Pasta Shoppe is owned by Carey and John Aron and based in Nashville, Tennessee. Carey and John spent their honeymoon in Italy and fell in love with pasta and the Italian lifestyle and realized that “someday” they wanted to re-create a piece of Italy back home in Tennessee. In 1994, they traveled back to Italy to understand exactly what it would take to make the highest-quality and the best-tasting pasta around. This blogger thinks they absolutely nailed it!

The Pasta Shoppe creates small batches of quality pasta – NO MASS PRODUCTION. Their plant is very similar to the boutique plants found in Italy, and all of their pasta machines come from Italy and are filled with only the finest ingredients available.

Pasta for Every Season, Every Occasion
No matter the season, no matter the occasion, there is something for everyone available at The Pasta Shoppe. They also have an absolutely awesome separate fundraising site for your next fundraising event. You can request additional information about their fundraising opportunities at All of the exceptional products that you find at The Pasta Shoppe can also be found on the fundraising site.

Connect with The Pasta Shoppe
Be sure to stop by the web site and check out the amazing array of pasta goodness that is available! You can also find The Pasta Shoppe on Twitter and Facebook. You can also find Fun Pasta Fundraising on Facebook as well! Stop by and say hello and tell them that Life in a House of Testosterone sent you!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy can be found here.

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  1. Oh wow Lisa, you're going to love it! I don't usually do the turkey carcass and just 2 cups of turkey. Usually what I do is I take everything off the bone after everyone has finished Thanksgiving dinner and set it aside and get rid of all the yucky stuff lol. Since my personal favorite is Turkey Salad Sandwiches (turkey, salt, pepper, mayo, onion, seasoning salt or poultry seasoning) I mix all of that together and make myself some turkey salad … whatever is left over from that I will make turkey soup from. The turkey salad sandwiches are awesome – especially if you toast the bread first and then put the cold turkey salad on it with a slice of cheese?!? You'll think you've died and gone to heaven!

  2. Aren't they though? My kids are spoiled now. God forbid I bring home Kraft or Betty Crocker or (horror of horrors) the grocery store brand pasta now! 🙂

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