Secret Santas Needed – YOU!

Friends – I’m asking for your help. There are approximately 8,000 toys out there still in need of a home before Christmas. 4,000 need to be purchased so the other 4,000 can be donated to one of the 35 charities that Stickman Stew and a bunch of my blogging friends have partnered with this year. Look at the faces of those little ones from Vogel Alcove in Dallas playing with their new toys.

Secret Santas Needed Stickman Stew Needs YOUR Help

How could you NOT want to help spread those smiles across the United States this year? All you need to do is purchase a Stickman Stew toy and another will be donated. There are 4 different toys in all – and they are all between $7 to $10 each.

If you place your order by Friday, December 19th, delivery can still be made in time for Christmas this year. Please consider buying one (or all four) for your children so that the others can be donated to children who may otherwise receive nothing for Christmas. Help us spread the‪#‎SpiritofChristmas‬ with Stickman Stew this year!


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Jana Williams

I Believe that We Sometimes Get Lost & Forget About What Christmas is All About; It’s About Giving to Those Less Fortunate & About Spreading Love & Good Cheer! I Feel Horrible b/c I Was in a Bad Motorcycle Wreck and I Hurt My Neck & Back and I’m Not Currently Able to Work So I Can’t Give as Much as I Would Like! One Year I went to Dollar General and Bought a Bunch of Stockings and Filled Them with Toys & Socks and All Kind of Things for Boys & Girls and it Made Me Feel So Good… Read more »

cyndi f

I think it is great you all are doing this, I wish I could afford to do this. I use to do so much and now can't. I still do stuff for the animal shelters, and homeless pets, as that is a huge passion of mine. I was a teacher so I understand the need for toys as well, I just can't afford it this year, but thank you for all you do.

Deb E (@debbieeland)

I love these and there affordable and would make a great Christmas gift. There's still time for us to get them out, yay!

Kim Miller

Awh, thank you, Jack! I just wish that I was in a position to do more. If I could, I'd buy the remaining 4,000 toys just so that the other 4,000 could be sent out to the kids that so dearly deserve a little love Christmas morning. Breaks my heart thinking that there are children who won't have even one little present to open and play with.


Stickman Stew and the Gold Heart Crew

are so lucky to have a friend like You!