Sending Presents to a Loved One That Lives in Another Country

Have you ever wanted to send a present to a loved one abroad? Perhaps your partner is overseas for work, or maybe a family member recently moved to a different country and you want to let them know you’re thinking about them. As long as you have their address, there are plenty of ways that you can send them a present. However, there are still a couple of considerations to keep in mind and it’s usually not as simple as just slapping a label onto a box and shipping it off.

Choosing a practical gift to send overseas

First, make sure you’re choosing a practical gift to send abroad. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, an anniversary gift, or even just a random present to surprise your recipient, it has to be something practical that can survive a journey overseas. In most cases, perishable goods aren’t going to cut it unless they are guaranteed to arrive by a certain date. In addition, some goods may be banned from being sent abroad, so it’s always worth checking restrictions first before you package something up.

Keeping your gift safe in the post

It’s vital that you protect your gift as best as possible. We’d suggest always putting it in a box that allows you to add some padding to the sides to help soften any vibrations. This will protect the item inside to ensure that it arrives safely at your recipient’s address. You’ll have lots of different protection options available to you and they all work fairly well, but don’t expect it to protect fragile items like glass unless you package your item extremely well.

Consider using an international shipping service to simplify things

You may want to simplify things by using an international UPS shipping service. This makes things a lot easier since the shipping prices will be clearly listed and you may even get some help with packaging your gift so that it arrives safely. This offers a great amount of convenience while still giving you some control over how you package your gift.

Something from home can be a great gift option

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas to send abroad, then you could try something from home that is unavailable in your recipient’s current country. Perhaps you could send their favorite snack from your hometown, or maybe you can give them cooking ingredients to help them make dishes that remind them of home.

It might be easier to buy and send them something online

If you’re feeling a little lazy or don’t want to go through the trouble of packaging things yourself, then you can always use online shopping as an alternative. You can simply enter your recipient’s address, tick the gift option to include a little note, and then send it off. All of the shipping and packaging will be handled by another company and you don’t need to worry about it. This does remove some of the personalization, such as adding unique decorations, but it’s a much more convenient option.

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