Should You Be the Face of Your New Startup?

When it comes to starting a new company, one of the most important things that new entrepreneurs tend to overlook is establishing a face for your brand. When you think about extremely popular companies such as Microsoft and Apple, there’s usually always a face attached to the brand that everyone knows even if they have no interest in the products or company.

For Apple, that used to be Steve Jobs before his untimely passing. Now it’s Tim Cook, another famous name in the industry that is always associated with Apple. For Microsoft, it’s always Bill Gates even though he no longer even runs the company. For KFC it’s Colonel Sanders, and for McDonald’s, it’s a fictional mascot known as Ronald McDonald. As you can see, having a face to your brand is incredibly important and helps make it a lot more memorable.

So should you be the face of your new startup? Or are there other options to consider?

What does it mean to be the face of your business?

First, let’s explain what it really means to be the face of a company.

For many people, being the face of a business means that you’re always at the forefront of everything your company does. Whether it’s being the sales pitch person such as the ShamWow Guy or just attending any convention and event that you can, you’re essentially attaching your face to your brand wherever you go. You take any opportunity you can to grow your brand and you’re always there to make sure it relates back to you.

However, you also have room to invest yourself in your brand. Whether it’s the aesthetic that you want to show off or your core values as a company, you get to imbue your brand with a unique personality that helps you stand out.

Does being the face of your business come with benefits?


Becoming the face of your business is a great way to make it easier to recognize. This is especially important if you’re starting a new business. When people see your brand, they’ll think of you or your name. If you personally have a good reputation, then it helps to connect you and your values to your company. This is especially important if you’re trying to showcase some kind of message or add your personal values to your brand.

At the end of the day, becoming the face of your business is a huge positive for the sake of marketing and sales. It’s an opportunity to promote your brand and also yourself which can be useful if you ever plan on joining another company or starting a second business in the future. When you build credibility, it sticks with you for most of your professional life and it can be used to help establish more career opportunities for the future. So if you’re looking for a way to quickly rise up the career ladder, turning yourself into the face of your business and focusing on personal branding is a great strategy.

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