Signs That You Should Replace Your Furniture

When buying furniture, one of the most critical considerations is durability. People often hunt in antique shops and pay good money to source pieces that can last for several generations. However, the big question is how long do these pieces really last? You need to consider several factors when replacing your furniture pieces that we will discuss in this article. 

couch and settee


It’s time to replace your couch if you notice the following issues

  • Creaking sound when used
  • Sagging cushions
  • Absence of lumbar support
  • Deep-seated stains and smell

While you may still consider getting a new upholstery, you also have to consider the cost, and whether it’s best to get a new sofa. It’s also important to check if the couch’s reclining mechanism (if any) is still working. If not, it may be better to get a new one instead. For sofa sets made of wood, you also have to take note of the legs. Are they wobbly beyond repair? If so, purchasing a new one might be best, as it may pose a hazard to you, your family, and even your guests. 

vintage dining room

Dining Sets

Dining furniture sets can get worn out quickly, especially if they are used daily. While you may notice your dining table has scratches, burns, and dents, there are still a few remedies before you replace them. However, there may be instances when you may need to let go when you need to update and upgrade your dining room’s overall aesthetics. Glass top dining tables may also need replacement if they have cracks that could cause an accident. 

Bed Frames

When bed frames are creaking, you may need to check if the screws are still in place. In some instances, you may still be able to tighten the screws. However, as they age, no amount of tightening can address the problem. In bed frames with springs, a creaking sound can be addressed by applying oil to loosen the springs. For broken springs, however, replacement may be necessary. Keep in mind that a broken bed frame can have a significant impact on the quality of sleep that you will have. Getting a good night’s sleep is more important than the savings that you will get. Since a bed frame can be a hefty investment, it would be worthwhile if you can get it from stores like Pearls Furniture

vintage sideboard

Cabinets and Drawers

All storage units, such as cabinets and drawers, typically last for several years, especially if they are well-made. However, you may need to tighten their hinges from time to time. You’ll know it’s time to replace them when you’re having trouble opening or closing them. 

Before deciding if you want to replace your furniture, you must first check to see if they are beyond repair. For an added savings on your part, you may also consider repurposing them before considering disposal. For instance, the drawer that you’re having trouble pulling and closing can be repurposed to a wall cabinet. When you do this, you also have to see if it matches your home’s entire aesthetics. 

As you dispose of your broken furniture, it would also be wise to consider your space and needs at home. Do you really need to buy a console table or can you do without it? This way, you can have additional savings and you can also start decluttering your home. Focus only on what you need so you can set aside the money for worthy investments.

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