Signs Your Child has a Screen Addiction

I’m sure you’ve read a couple of books on perfect parenting, right? You might, therefore, feel like you got a raw deal once you realize your child has developed an addiction to the T.V.  Don’t fret as statistics show screen addiction to be a real problem.

This could have developed as a result of the television being used as substitute nanny which has become a common feature.  The fun and educational shows on Mum Mum TV channel are good for the kids.  The channel provides a variety of nursery rhymes in English which would be useful for the Kid learn the language soon. However, a keen eye should watch over how much time is spent on them so as to avoid future problems. Afraid your kid is screen addicted here are signs to check out for.


This is one of the first alarm bells of screen addiction. If the child had interests such as outdoor games or general tomfoolery, there will be a visible reduction in those interests. Instead, they’ll yearn for more T.V. or screens such as laptops and I-Pads.

In the event, you deny them access to any of the above, be prepared for constant tantrums. Try to wean them off this addiction by reducing the time spent on the devices progressively. This can be done by introducing other outdoor games that will break the cycle of addiction. In no time, they’ll get used to the little amount of time you grant them on the screen.


It starts off as harmless time spent on the screen such as 10 minutes, but without proper supervision can go up to a whole day spent on the screen. A sure-fire way to figure out your kids addicted is the reaction you get when the screen’s turned off.

If the reaction’s close to explosive, you have a problem on your hands. Substitute activities should be tried for the period the child’s off the screen.

Withdrawal symptoms

This may sound like something from an alcoholic anonymous handbook guide but it can happen for kids severely addicted to screens. It has been reported that a 4-year-old was so addicted to his I-Pad that therapy had to be sought for him.  While your child may not have an addiction on the same level as the one mentioned above it’s important to arrest the problem before it becomes too big.

A sad, irritable and anxious reaction to having the screen time taken away will point to an unhealthy attachment to the screen time.


Has your little munchkin developed an uncharacteristic behavior of being deceptive? The lies could be small and insignificant but they play a big role in helping the monster grow. Some of the lies could include time spent watching their favorite show on the T.V or I-Pad. You could also find them sneaking portable devices into their rooms to watch their favorite cartoons or shows.

Curbing this as soon as it starts is important in ensuring your child kicks the screen addiction problem.


If your child is exhibiting some of these signs the problem should be arrested in time. Otherwise, this is a slippery slope.

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