Simple, But Different Gift Ideas

With this time of year comes a lot of panic about buying the right gifts. But when we feel like we’ve run out of ideas, it can be difficult to find the present to end all presents. Sometimes we’ve got to figure out a different way. Buying gifts doesn’t mean having to buy the same type of thing every year. It’s about being thoughtful but in a different and unique way. How can we do this? Let’s provide you with some inspiration.

We try to go for the bling as a big gift. Whether this is something like vintage watches, or an item of jewelry your significant other has been lusting after for a long time, these big statements have to mean something. We need to remember that it’s not about the value attached to the item, but more about the sentiment. If you want to buy something like a necklace, think about it in terms of how it benefits their life. You could buy a locket and put a picture of the family in there. Or if you want to go even more alternative, you could have a piece of jewelry made with jewels that represent the birthstones of each member of your family. There are so many different layers to buying the big statement presents, not just purchasing something because it’s expensive!

Maybe they’ve had plans to grow a garden, and they don’t know how to go about it. You can provide an adequate foundation. Give them some literature, various seeds, and ignite their inspiration. We don’t tend to think about gifts in an educational sense, but when we’re trying to inspire someone, or they have a passion for something that they want to realize, giving them a little gift basket on those things can truly start them on to something that will make a big difference to their life.

Our children grow up, and they change, and if you want to get something for your partner that possibly reminds them of a simpler time, something like a photo album is a fantastic option. It’s the perfect way to put everything in one simple book so they can reminisce about times gone by, but also, a photo album can give them the opportunity to make new memories.

These days we tend to take so many photos on our phones, that it becomes somewhat impersonal. By having a tangible item in front of us, that we can look at on occasion, brings us back to a simpler time, but it’s that perfect way to put everything together.

A Collector’s Dream

Does your giftee love to collect items related to their hobbies and interests? If the answer is yes, all you need to do is find out more about their collection or look for the perfect merch. For history nuts and fans of historical movies, a replica of a weapon from old times, such as a rapier sword or flintlock pistol, can be the perfect addition to their collection. 

For fans of popular movie or television show franchises, get official merchandise of the film or series.

And while these days, there are so many personalized items out there, it’s never been easier to buy something a little bit different. Whether you are stuck for inspiration, or you are looking for something far from the norm, rest assured, there are plenty of ideas out there. And even if something doesn’t make you feel inspired at all, you could always focus on the experience. After all, a gift doesn’t have to be a physical thing.

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  1. These are nice ideas. I think gifts like this are more thoughtful and will be remembered.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I personally enjoy sharing memories we have made in the past.

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