Smooth Moves – Moving Home When You Have Young Kids

Moving home is a stressful experience at the best of times – as I’ve covered before on this blog. However, throw a few young children into the mix and that stressful experience can turn into a nightmare. Not only are the logistics of moving day almost impossible to plan properly when you have little ones biting at your heels, but there is barely time to get organized beforehand. With this in mind, let’s dive a little deeper into the home moving process and make sure your big day isn’t the nightmare you are fearing.

Let them know

A lot of people will tell you that telling your kids about moving day isn’t all that important – but I would disagree. Children need time to get used to the idea just as much as adults, and hitting them with this enormous surprise could be a little cruel. Don’t forget, the kids will have plenty of worries about moving – especially if it’s a long distance. It’s important to start the conversation as early as possible and try to appeal to the natural explorer within them by discussing the move as a big adventure.

Get them involved

When you have little kids running around, the very idea of packing up all your life’s possessions seems impossible. But why not get them involved? A lot of parents might put off packing up their children’s stuff until the last minute, too, but nothing is stopping you from getting them to help., They will enjoy it, you will feel like you are starting to make progress, and you will be demystifying the process for them. It’s also a good time to start encouraging them to make decisions. Going through old toys and asking them if they want to keep them can cut back on the amount of junk you end up bringing on the day.

Hire some help

It’s possible to hire a big van and move yourself, of course. But while it might save you some money, do you really want all that extra pressure? Look around for a cheap removals company and hand over the responsibility on the big day to professionals. You can oversee things – and your little ones – to ensure that they stay safe and out of the way. Plus, you’ll find that professional removers can do the job a lot quicker than you!

Make a survival kit

Of course, moving out is not the only issue here – moving into the new place will be just as stressful for you and the kids. Start unpacking your little ones’ rooms first – they will be happy and excited to help. But just in case they get bored quickly, make sure you have an emergency kit ready to keep them occupied. Toys, snacks, comforters, blankets and favorite pajamas are all recommended, and it’s probably worth charging your household devices in case they want to watch some TV or play some games.

Plan your first night

Finally, don’t move into a new home without a first night plan. You will need food – so maybe order some pizza and ice cream. And you will need to spend some time with the kids, too – don’t put all your energy into unpacking until they are settled.

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