How Snoring Affects Relationships

how snoring affects relationships

Snoring has the potential of causing strains even in the strongest of relationships.

A large number of couples have to face resentment towards each other owing to a very common issue which affects millions of people throughout the world, every night. Snoring by both or either partner, can be a cause of lack of sleep for the other. Over a period of time, this becomes a major cause of irritation, resentment and frustration in the relationship. It is due to these reasons that it is imperative for everyone to find a timely solution for this problem. In this short article, I’ll take you through how snoring affects a relationship negatively.

Apart from causing lack of sleep, it can also become the reason for other problems in relationships. Both the snorer and his/her bed partner may experience emotional turmoil, emanating out of fatigue, frustration and stress caused by snoring. Following are some of the important ways in which snoring can affect relationships. The idea of writing this article is to help all couples recognize these effects and tackle the problem of snoring in a timely manner, so they can enjoy long-lasting and strong relationships.

Feelings of Resentment

Resentment is one of the most commonly observed results of snoring. The person snoring may feel that he/she is being constantly disliked or judged by his/her partner for a problem he/she doesn’t have any direct control over. The person is bound to feel a certain amount of resentment towards his/her partner.

The feeling of resentment may also arise in the person who is at the receiving end of a snoring partner. He/she may think that the other is not doing enough to take control of his/her snoring problem.

Although such feelings are normal among couples that face snoring problems, instead of blaming each other, they must resolve their differences by educating themselves about snoring. They must understand why it occurs and what solutions can be used. Although such resentment may not have a major impact on the relationship initially, it can result in bigger problems later. Hence, it is imperative to take control of the problem and get rid of it before it causes any long-term damage to the relationship.

Regular fights

Apart from the feelings of resentment, regular fights are another major negative outcome of snoring. The snoring individual’s partner may feel that he/she isn’t doing anything to cure the problem, completely ignoring his/her concerns. Many a times people who snore feel that there is hardly anything they can do to control it and get defensive about the issue. Discussions surrounding the problem of snoring often escalate into arguments and fights, resulting in even termination of relationships.


It is not uncommon for couples facing snoring problems to sleep in different bedrooms or on different beds. Though this is the best temporary solution, it inevitably results in feelings of loneliness in both the partners.

Couples sleeping in separate bedrooms are bound to suffer from lack of physical intimacy, resulting in bigger problems later. The snorer may feel that he/she is being victimized for something he/she cannot control directly, and may soon start distancing himself / herself away from the other individual.


There indeed have been situations wherein couples have decided to part ways only because of the snoring related problems. Although they refuse to admit snoring being the primary issue, they do acknowledge that the habit of snoring contributes to many other problems which make living together almost impossible.

In many cases, knowledge of steps to stop snoring also doesn’t solve the problem or save the relationship. The matters get escalated to such a level that the couples refuse to even talk about the problem.

Even though snoring can have many negative effects on people’s relationships, it is something that isn’t completely out of control. It is important for couples to work together and overcome this problem by helping each other out. Doing so, can actually make snoring to be something that brings them closer and not making them drift apart.

While many people view snoring as something very ridiculous and trivial when it comes to relationships, it’s not an issue that can be blindly overlooked or nudged under the carpet. If neglected or ignored, snoring can assume dangerous proportions in no time.


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