So You Want To Start A Blog? Top Tips To Help You Stand Out

Blogging has fast become something that many people are starting up these days, be that as a hobby or for a potential new career in the digital world. The opportunities are now endless as more and more brands are wanting to work with talented individuals in the written word and photography, rather than seeking endorsements through celebrity. It is an exciting time that is for sure. But, starting a blog can be a little complex with the desire to get everything right from the get go. While this isn’t a tutorial on how to set up a blog, I thought these tips could help you on your journey from the start.

So You Want To Start A Blog? Top Tips To Help You Stand Out

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Do plenty of research

Research is important to ensure you start your blog off well. It’s vital to look at the different blogging platforms you can utilize such as Blogger or WordPress, and then even considering whether you buy a domain or opt for something free at the beginning. It’s always advisable to start off with your own domain from the beginning and to even consider being self-hosted from the start, this is much more appealing to brands for the future and will help you build up your internet space and relevance.

Looking professional to clients and brands you might want to work with

I understand that clients and brands might not be high on your priority list, or maybe it depends on your intentions, so it’s important that you have a good brand image from the start. Everything from the design of your logo and header to the color palette you choose. It all needs careful consideration from yourself and should be something you are completely happy with. Once you have these all laid out, things like embossed personalized stationery and business cards could help you stand out from other bloggers when networking at events or pitching for business.

So You Want To Start A Blog? Top Tips To Help You Stand Out

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Ensure you take time learning the ins and outs of social media

Social media will be the fasted and most precise way of promoting your blog, so it’s important to spend time looking at each platform and researching the best ways to use them. Your profile needs to stand out as blogging, depending on your genre, can be quite a saturated market of people doing similar things.

Networking and gaining a tribe

Networking is important and also having a digital tribe will help you build your social media while offering essential support. It can be lonely typing into your computer each day, so knowing you have readers helping and guiding you will keep you motivated to stay on this exciting journey.

Search engine optimization will help your blog rise

While search engine optimization is important for keywords and helping your blog rank higher on search engines  it isn’t something that can be explained in just a few short sentences. But thankfully there are plenty of tutorials online showcasing the importance and how you can get things right from the start.

Write for you and don’t compare yourself

Finally, you inline space is yours, and so it’s important that you write from your heart and with your own individual style. It’s difficult to not compare what you are doing to someone who is on at a different stage of the journey, so stick with what you are doing and have confidence in your skills and ability.

I hope these tips help you on your journey into the blogging world.

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