Some More Gifts For Him

Some More Gifts for Him
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So, it’s one of those occasions again. Your partner’s coming up to some big date, and you want to use it to make him feel special with a meaningful gift. Like many, you might feel completely lost when you start looking for a truly great gift for him. Aren’t you lucky to have me then? Here are a few ideas that may be just perfect!

Some More Gifts for Him - Music Lovers
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For The Music Lovers

First of all, one for the music lovers. Although digital music is perfectly fine for a lot of us, there are some audiophiles out there who insist on having a crisper sound. Personally I can’t tell the difference, but I have friends who won’t stop going on about how superior the sound of a vinyl player is compared to my trusty Bluetooth speakers. If your partner’s always looking for the next way to improve his sound quality, then getting him a vinyl player could be a great idea. There’s been a recent surge in modern turntable designs. Some of them, like the range from ION, still manage to maintain a distinct rustic charm though. Why not throw in the vinyl of his favorite album too? Just make sure he doesn’t already have it!

Great Trimmers - Some More Gifts for Him
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A Great Trimmer

While a hip, retro gimmick like a turntable could be wonderful, that idea may have been a little too “gifty” for your man. I know a lot of guys who always want their gifts to serve some kind of practical function, rather than being something purely for their leisure. One thing I know a lot of men would love, far too few actually have is a good trimmer. I’m sure you’ve noticed how popular beards and stubble are these days, right? If your man is working on his facial hair, why not encourage him to keep it extra-sexy using one of BaByliss’s great titanium trimmers. These not only make a wonderful, thoughtful gift, but give absolutely brilliant value for money. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and your man will get years of use out of it.

A Sharp Suit - Gifts for Him
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A Sharp Suit

These two gifts are both great ideas, but perhaps you wanted to make even more of an impact to mark some special occasion? If this is the case, then there’s nothing you can give him better than a bespoke suit. I’m sure you’ll have fun looking through your options here. If you want my advice, start with Lanieri’s online selection of bespoke suits. Every guy needs a suit; if not for work than for the odd event or occasion. As his partner, you’re obviously the authority on what he looks his best in. Get him a gift card for a tailor’s, or just surprise him on the day by showing him a site where you can create a bespoke suit. Just don’t pressure him into making a decision. The end product won’t be cheap, and you don’t want something your man won’t like!

There you have it. If none of these ideas do it for you, I hope that they’ve given you a little more inspiration for buying for the man in your life!

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