Sources of Support During Your Pregnancy

While pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, there’s no doubt there’s the occasional downside. The physical, mental, and emotional impact of pregnancy can be rather demanding, and it’s a time in your life when support is going to be more vital than ever before.

sources of support while pregnant

Despite this, many mums-to-be often find themselves struggling to reach out to people when they are going through a tough time of it during pregnancy. There’s a huge amount of societal pressure for women to enjoy pregnancy and to be thankful to be pregnant. This prevails to such an extent that all of the difficult moments are meant to be inconsequential. However, it’s more than possible to be incredibly grateful and delighted to be expecting, and to be struggling a little to cope with the huge amount of change you’re going through.

Being able to reach out to people who won’t judge and will understand that even the most wanted of pregnancies has its difficult moments is essential. If you’re in need of support, here are a few places you can consider turning.

Your Family Members

Whether it’s visiting your parents at their home for a weekend, inviting your siblings to stay with you, or taking a trip to Porthaven care homes or similar facilities to see your grandparents, family are likely to be the greatest source of support during your pregnancy. There’s no need to sugar coat how you’re feeling when you’re with the people who love you unconditionally, so surrounding yourself with familial support is arguably the most important support structure you can develop during pregnancy.

Medical Professionals

When your midwife asks you how you are, be honest. They don’t expect you to say that everyone is wonderful and you’re just feeling so blessed; they want to know the truth, so if you’re finding something tough, say so. First and foremost, say so because everyone needs to vent every once in awhile. Secondly, you should say so as there might be something they can do to help; for example, if “morning” sickness is making your life miserable, your midwife can help advise you on the various options for reducing the physical discomfort.

Anonymous Internet Forums

If you’re afraid of being judged for feeling less-than-stellar during your pregnancy, then online forums such as Reddit and Facebook groups are a great way to vent and receive the support you need, but with the benefit of full anonymity. You can be honest about what you’re going through and learn from the experience of others, safe in the knowledge that no one can ever trace your account to your personal identity. This kind of outlet may seem impersonal but, sometimes, impersonal is exactly what you need to help you get through the day.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is, of course, a wonderful time, and any woman will soon tell you that the experience is 100% worth it. However, on the days when you’re feeling low or uncomfortable, knowing that you can reach out without fear of judgment is vital. If you find yourself in need of support, the options above should help you in this regard, and then you can bounce right back when you’re feeling more like yourself again.

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