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How many of you enjoy a relaxing spa day once a week, once a month? In a 2020 Valentine’s Day poll by YouGovAmerica, 15% of women wanted a gift certificate for a spa day, and BuzzFeed ranked giving mom a spa gift certificate as #8 on the 21 Gifts Moms Actually Want for Mother’s Day.

My kids have never given me a spa certificate for my birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. I have always hinted that I would love a spa day but, apparently, it went in one ear and out the other. So, I do the next best thing – I treat myself to a spa day at home.

Spa Technologies has put together a Serenity Bath Kit that will make you feel as though you’ve spent all day at the spa being pampered – right in the comfort of your own home.

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spa technologies serenity bath kit

The Serenity Bath Kit

The name truly says it all. The Serenity Bath Kit provides a serene sensory experience at home that even the best spa would be hard-pressed to emulate. This kit exfoliates, moisturizes, and relaxes you after a long day with aromatherapeutic essential oils leaving you feeling tranquil and soft. Smooth your way to luxuriously silky skin that restores your skin’s health with antioxidants with lasting benefits.

Here’s what you receive in your 100% GOTS certified organic cotton bag – free of harmful chemicals and made at a Fair Trade Certified factory – and great for traveling!


I adore this body wash. Not only do I love the scent (which is a mix of lime, lemongrass, and spearmint) but the superfine pumice exfoliates gently and doesn’t feel rough and scratchy on your skin at all, unlike some other exfoliating body wash treatments I have tried. Simply dampen your skin and gently massage in and then rinse with warm water. This body wash alone will have you floating on cloud nine.


I love taking a bath now and again just to be able to soak, relax, and read a few chapters in my book without being disturbed. Unfortunately, having 5 people in a house with one bathroom does not afford me much soaking time, so I used this when everyone was out. I literally didn’t want to get out of the tub. The sea salts are a pure concentrate from seawater, which provides vital nutrients to soften your skin and soothe tired muscles. Ever wonder why we love going to the ocean so much? The sea salt adds buoyancy to the water, which allows you to feel weightless, and the sea salt plumps, refreshes, hydrates, and purifies your skin while washing away those pesky aches and pains. Swaddle yourself in warm bliss and add as much, or as little, to your bath as you desire to soak and enjoy.


This is spa-like serenity in a bottle friends. The scent is a little strong right out of the bottle, but it is formulated with a blend of lavender, petitgrain, and sage aromatic essences and just a few drops in your bath water soothes away the daily stress and tensions. It also contains omega fatty acids and laminaria algae, which means your skin absorbs the nourishing and hydrating properties to revive your tired skin. Lord knows mine sucks it right up and feels silky smooth afterward. A note of caution, adding oil to your bath can create a very slippery surface so be sure to clean your tub afterward to avoid any accidents.


I have tried hundreds, thousands probably, of different types of moisturizers, and this after bath moisture definitely ranks in my top 10 favorites. Some moisturizers leave a greasy feeling behind – not this one. Light, silky smooth, and packed with nutrients, my thirsty skin soaks up this creamy concoction of laminaria and porphyra algae, mugwort, Irish moss, and shea butter. The Omega-3 and Omega-7 fatty acids work with the organic essential oils in the ingredients to soothe even the worst dry skin and leave a light, subtle, comforting scent behind.

Serenity Bath Kit

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A serene, sensory experience at home. Spa Technologies Serenity Bath Kit exfoliates, moisturizes, and relaxes with aromatherapeutic essential oils, helping you feel tranquil and soft all over. Restores moisture as you soak after a long day. Smooth your way to luxuriously silky skin, and restore your skin to health with antioxidants for lasting benefits. Help Support Our Oceans by adding $1 to your order

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Stop by the Spa Technologies website or follow them on social media for more amazing products that will have you feeling like a million bucks without spending a fortune. Moms of the world can rejoice thanks to Spa Technologies – bringing the spa experience into their home at a fraction of the cost.

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  1. These Spa Technologies products sound amazing. Anything with Dead Sea Salts in them are usually awesome. I’d like to try them all. Thanks for your review.

    • LOL Debbie … my son literally just came in the house and hijacked my Dead Sea Salts! He’s in the bathroom soaking in the tub to soothe some really tired and aching leg muscles … all I hear from the bathroom is, “Oh my gosh mom, this feels sooooo good – get some more of these!” LOL!!!

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