Spare Bedroom? Make it Glam for Guests!

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, don’t just let it be wasted space. Transforming it into a spare bedroom means it’s easy for friends and family to come to stay, and you can be the hostess with the mostest! We all want to be that person who friends always want to come and visit and stay with- so clear out all of the old boxes of junk, and make a glam guest bedroom that your loved ones will adore.

Spare Bedroom - Make it Glam for Guests

Make it Neutral

Decorating the room in light neutral shades means the space looks bigger, brighter and is generally inoffensive. You might have a particular colour scheme for your home that you adore, but not everyone will feel the same way. Keep the bold patterns and colours for elsewhere and for your guest room aim to create something very neutral and calming. White, magnolia and very light grey all work well. Replace the flooring if it needs it too, this will make the space feel very clean and fresh and create the perfect blank canvas for the rest of the room.

Think About Furniture

You don’t want to cram in unnecessary furniture, however a few pieces are essential so your guests aren’t having to live out of their suitcase. A wardrobe to hang things and drawers to fold items will be enough. Since guest bedrooms are generally in smaller spare bedrooms, it’s worth searching for smaller pieces and carefully measuring everything before buying.

Spare Bedroom - Make It Glam For Guests - Luxury Bedding

Make The Bed Comfortable

Most guests put up with sleeping on sofas, wonky sofa beds, air beds or camp beds. Treat yours to something proper instead. It doesn’t have to be the priciest bed in the store but something of good quality will be far more comfortable and last longer. Finish with good quality sheets, a new duvet and and hotel quality pillows to keep everyone cosy and comfortable. Some throws and scatter cushions on top will make a neutral room look homely and more interesting.

Spare Bedroom - Make It Glam For Guests - Blackout Curtains

Think About Window Treatments

If you want your guests to sleep soundly, you will need to make sure the right curtains and blinds are up at the windows. A vertical blind will allow them to adjust the light during the day then block it out in the morning. Add a pair of blackout curtains over the top and they will be able to get the room very dark. That way they will sleep soundly and won’t be woken up when the sun rises in the morning.

Spare Bedroom - Make It Glam For Guests - Bedside Table

Don’t Forget Extra Details

Finally, there are a few extra things that will transform your guest room from good to great. Make sure the plug socket next to the bed is accessible so people can plug their phone charger in at night. Put a lamp on the bedside table and make sure there’s a working bulb. You could add extra things like ear plugs, an eye mask, reading material, a code to the wifi plaque and more. You could even add a tray of drinks and snacks for people to help themselves to, whatever will make them feel most at home!

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