Splashing Out On a New Bathroom?

A bathroom renovation can be an exciting project. Here are just a few tips for remodelling your bathroom that could help you to save money, improve comfort and add value to your home.

Clean your tiles, don’t replace them

If your bathroom tiles are looking shabby, you may be tempted to replace them. However, in many cases tiles can be brought back to life simply by giving them a thorough clean. This might be something you can do yourself with a steam cleaner, although you may prefer to hire a professional company to do it for you such as Groutsmith Dallas. The grouting in between tiles may be the only thing that needs replacing and this can be done relatively cheaply. We’re all about being able to do things inexpensive around here!

Opt for energy-saving features

You may be able to save money on your utility bills by making a few investments. There are so many energy-saving options available today that weren’t around a decade ago. A thermostatic shower could save you money on heating while offering a constant supply of heat. A multi-flush toilet such as this one from Victorian Plumbing meanwhile can save you money on your water bill by allowing you to adjust the intensity of the flush. Above all, you want to ensure that any leaky taps are replaced as these could be slowly adding to your water usage.

Choose neutral colors

Be careful of using wild colors in your bathroom – such a decision could damage your property’s value if you plan to sell in the future. Neutral colors are currently in vogue and create a clean and sterile feel. Such colors include whites and greys. It is fine to add small pops of color here and there, although you should refrain from having colorful fixtures. You want your bathroom to be an oasis of relaxation, you don’t want to feel as though you’re in a 1970’s disco dance hall!

Think twice before relocating fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are the things that most renovators get excited about. But before you move in that freestanding bath or that new vanity, think carefully about where you place these fixtures. Keeping them in the same location as the previous fixture could be a wise idea – as moving them could require extra costly plumbing work. Unless a bathtub or sink was previously in an awkward place, keep the new one in the same location in order to spend less.

Invest in underfloor heating

Underfloor heating can be a luxury worth investing in. When our family home burned to the ground and my dad had the chance to get all the bells and whistles he wanted in his new home – underfloor heating was one of those investments. I’m so glad that he did!!!!

It not only keeps your toes toes warm in winter – when you step out of the shower it helps to dry up any water spills which prevents damp flooring and mold growth. There are many contractors such as Nu Heat that can install this heating for you. Whilst you’re making this improvement, you could also consider installing a heated towel rail that will keep your towels dry. Many people convert their bathroom radiator into a heated towel rail. That’s something that dad didn’t think of but I would totally do in my own home!

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