Spring Clean Your Energy Bills With These Tips

No one likes getting that post-Christmas energy bill landing on the doormat. It’s always plainly obvious that as the weather gets frostier outside, the bill that lands on the doormat is going to be higher right at a time when payday is further away than ever. Being energy efficient through both the summer months and the winter months is the only way you are going to be able to make sure you don’t get a heart attack when that bill lands in your hallway.

Spring Clean Your Energy Bills With These Tips

It’s one of those situations where you want to clean up how much you spend on your energy bills, but you may have no idea of where to start spring cleaning. You don’t need to put in big investments of time or money to be more energy efficient in the home, it’s just about being mindful of how you do things around the house. If you want to start wasting less energy at home, then you need to start paying attention to how you treat your house. Are you leaving lights on during the day? Are you constantly turning your thermostat on and off? Is the thermostat that you have broken? If any of those apply, you should first contact Harster Heating to get your thermostat fixed. Then you should use the tips below to save energy in your home:

Spring Clean Your Energy Bills With These Tips

Switch Off. Appliances are often left on overnight, it’s a habit thing. The only appliance that you should be leaving on for an extended period of time is your refrigerator and if you have one, a freezer. Leaving appliances and technology on standby does nothing for the electronics except burn through energy while you sleep. Leaving phones on charge overnight can actually harm your electronics, so unplug overnight and charge as you need in the morning for the day.

Wash Cool. If you are finding that your washing machine is running everything through a sixty-degree wash, you may also see a huge difference in your energy bills. Switch it down to thirty and you get the same great wash at a third of the cost.

Windows. Using secondary glazing film (you can buy it here), as a covering for your windows is a smart thing to do. It’s a good alternative to cheap double glazing if you don’t have it, and draught proofing your home can make a huge difference to what you pay in heating.

Check The Label. When you buy appliances, check to see whether they have an energy efficiency label. You can save a lot of money each year simply by ensuring that your appliances use energy in the best way possible. Decide how big your appliances need to be, and then go from there when you consider the energy efficiency.

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Saving on energy will mean you have less of a bill in January and your wallet will thank you for that! Spring cleaning your bills doesn’t have to wait until the spring months when you can start right now.

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