Spring Cleaning Your Closet and Essentials

It’s hard to part with the trusty staples of your wardrobe. We’ve all hung on too long to that old pair of underwear, or maybe the heavily worn t-shirt that makes us think of the past. Tommy John, thought they could help our readers out with decluttering this spring with these fun graphics! We know it’s never an easy decision to choose what gets tossed, donated, or kept. Hopefully our graphics help provide the blueprint! 

Spring Cleaning Your Closet Flowchart

With this handy reference flowchart, you will have your closet spring cleaned and refreshed in no time at all! Don’t forget that those essentials need to be “spring cleaned” as well. You know I’m talking to you guys who just can’t seem to part with the underwear that are held together by a thread. The underwear that should be on the unexplained holes of the Earth top 10 list. Knowing when to upgrade your everyday staples helps keep the rest of your closet in tip top shape!

Thanks to our friends at Tommy John, a men’s underwear company, for these handy infographics to share with our readers! Happy Spring Cleaning! 

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