Spring Has Arrived

The temperatures have been absolutely wonderful here in Virginia the past several days. I am keeping my fingers, toes, eyeballs, arms, legs, and everything else crossed that Spring is here to stay! In honor of the warm temperatures and the spirit of the season – I created a new little signature for our spring posts.

Spring is a time to renew your spirit, your mind, your thoughts. A time to refresh your home, your garden, your work, your blog. A time to re-invent whatever it is in your life that you wish to change and make it something you’ve always dreamed about.

Spring is the time for daydreamers who believe in making those dreams a reality. A time for new ideas, taking chances, going out on a limb and taking part in something new and exciting that is totally out of your comfort zone. Spring is the music of your soul!!!!

Which of the above will you be doing today?

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Kim Miller

Giggles – I knew what YOU were doing! Guess what?!? I get to "get down and dirty" this weekend!! The Master Gardeners Association here in Hanover was sponsoring a Virginia Cooperative Extension program at the Mechanicsville Library today – giving away FREE tree saplings!!! Tre is always wanting to plant something to commemorate each Earth Day – so this weekend we are going to Grandma's house in the country and both of the boys (and momma of course!!!) will be digging and tilling and turning the soil and planting our soon-to-be beautiful silky dogwood trees and feeding the multitude of… Read more »

C.J. Sullivan

I'm putting together my new home!! 😀