Starting Over After a Disaster at Home

Having spent a lot of time and money, creating a home for your family, the worst thing that you can imagine might be a disaster causing it serious damage. The kind that you can’t just pick up after. More than just a little mess, or a few broken things that are easy to put right. 

Unfortunately, as much as we try to protect our homes and the people in them, these kinds of disasters do happen. We face floods, hurricanes, and other awful natural disasters that leave us with chaos at home. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the house that you’ve been perfecting for perhaps years is unrecognizable. 

Try as you might to focus on the fact that you are safe and unhurt; the damage to your lovely house can still be very upsetting. It’s easy to assume the worst and feel as though you’ll never have a gorgeous home again. But, it doesn’t have to be like this. Here are some tips to help you to recover after a disaster at home. 

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Assess The Damage

When things are messy, it’s all too easy to assume the worse. Your house might look totally destroyed. But is it really? Take plenty of photos before you move anything (for insurance) then, take some time to clean up what you can, to remove debris, and to have a good look around. You may find once you’ve access the damage that most of it are just cosmetic and easy to cope with. 

Get Help

No matter how serious, or insignificant the damage is, help is available. Get in touch with your insurance company first, to see if you are owed any money which could help with the repairs. If there’s been a flood, look for water damage restoration services, as well as cleaners, and people who can help with specific repairs if needed. You aren’t alone. 

What Do You Want to Restore?

Remember, you don’t need to recreate your home exactly. This can be the perfect opportunity to do something different, or even to make some bold changes to your decor or even the layout of your home. 

But, there may be some elements that you’d like to be restored, exactly as they were. If there is something in your home that you love, perhaps an expensive piece, something vintage, or an item of sentimental value, get in touch with a professional restoration team, who may be able to help. 

Consider a Fresh Start

Of course, there is another option. If the damage is too great, or you don’t feel as though you could ever get over what has happened or move on, you might prefer to move, for a completely fresh start, instead of trying to recapture what you once had. 

Perhaps the most important thing when you are facing a disaster at home is that you take your time to process. Don’t let shock dictate your answers, and don’t give up on your home, when you may have options. Give yourself time to think, and to access before rushing into any decisions about the future. 

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