Stay or Go? The Art of Knowing When to Move

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Stay or go? It is a dilemma that a growing family faces at some point in their life together, and one that we needed to face a few months ago. Our beloved apartment home of ten years became a squeeze with our growing boys, not to mention the dog and my husband’s tools of the trade and the boys’ various interests. Suddenly overnight it seems as though you are in desperate need of some more space.

We take a look at whether you should twist or stick and what the alternatives are to upping sticks and moving out.

Staying Put Solutions

You love your property and the last thing you want to do is start the buying and selling process if you can avoid it. You’re not confident you’d find properties in your area that you could afford and you’d much prefer not having to take your children out of their current schools or committing to a longer commute. Sound familiar to you?So, what are the alternatives?

First you have the option of finding some clever space savers in your home, from tables that double as beds to hidden storage solutions dotted around your property. Change normal beds to divans that hold extra storage. Have children in high sleepers to create storage space underneath and of course, carry out a major declutter of your home getting rid of anything that’s no longer really needed. Be firm and think about how much space it’s been taking up.

Your other option here is to invest some money in an extension or perhaps a loft conversion, you won’t be taking on a mortgage but chances are you may need to take out a loan or borrow against your existing mortgage. If you are planning on staying put over the next few years, this is an investment well worth considering.

When its time to move up to a larger home

Shipping Out

If you feel that your house is a about to burst at the seams, then maybe it is time to move on. However, don’t rush it. If you’re caught in the trap of not being able to afford a bigger property in your area, you’re going to need time to find somewhere that works for all of you as a family.

Find a realtor you can trust and talk to some like with experience. Doug Hopkins buys homes and there are bound to be others in your area too, so take a look at what’s on their books and see where the profit from your property will take you.

Before you make any decisions, talk to a mortgage broker for some sound advice on whether you might apply for a slightly larger amount and what kind of bargains might be out there.

Should You Stay ... Or Should You Go?

No one wants to leave their treasured home behind so finding a solution to stay might be your first port of call. Get your clean on and see how much difference it makes overall, combined with some smart storage.

If you do feel the need to go, then make sure you take your time and conduct as much research as you can into the market before you head out to look at what’s on offer. A new home might be just what’s needed to create more happy memories from scratch.

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