Stop The World for a Few Hours

Stop the world for a few hours. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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We get so very busy with everyday life, the schedules, the deadlines, the to-do lists, the phone, the emails, the researching, the meetings – that sometimes it is enough to make your head just spin off your shoulders.

There are times when you just put too much on your plate. You’ve volunteered to do this, your already doing that, the kids have you running here and there and are constantly complaining that “you don’t spend any time with them” and you snap back at them, “because I’m too busy working to get you what you want and keep a roof over our heads!”

Just. Stop.

Whatever is on your plate today will still be there tomorrow. Unless someone dies, or you’ll lose your job if you don’t make a particular deadline – the world won’t stop revolving, you won’t explode in a million tiny pieces.

Just. Stop.

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Take a few hours, like I did today, and go to the park with your kids. Get outside and work in your garden. Lay in a hammock and read a good book while a gentle breeze washes over you. Lay out in your front yard and look at the clouds drifting by.

Whatever it is you do when you need the world to just STOP for a few hours, do it with your family. Love them. Enjoy the time you spend with them. It’s called building memories and it is something that they will remember always.

I stopped the world for a few hours today. Did you?

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