Storage Ideas for Every Room

The older we get the more belongings we seem to collect. Whether we spend more on ‘things’ (or just simply never get rid of stuff we’ve had for a long time) we need to find more space to put them. There are of course the traditional places where storing our belongings can go, such as the loft or garage but, nowadays, fewer homes have garages and many of us use lofts as living space rather than storage. But fear not, here are some storage ideas for every room in your home.

Storage Ideas for Every Room of Your Home


If your wardrobes seem to be bulging at the seams and you find it tricky to store all of your clothes or bedroom items then investing in a zip and link bed from the Divan Beds Centre could be the best option for you. Zip and link beds are very useful if you might sometimes have multiple occupants in a room, such as a spare bedroom that needs to host guests. You can easily separate the beds to make two single beds or zip them together to make a luxurious double bed. Both options give you the chance to put your belongings in the under bed storage drawers.


Storage can be quite scarce in the bathroom and in many bathrooms, there generally isn’t much extra space that can be utilized. Adding shelving to your bathroom can help with putting items up and out of the way but you probably won’t want to put your cleaning products in plain sight of all visitors or children. For these types of items, it’s worth considering adding cupboard spaces under your sink. There are also stackable boxes that can be added to those small nooks in the room that don’t otherwise serve much of a purpose. Have a look at these tips at Good Housekeeping for some more ingenious ideas.


Kitchens are always full of cupboards but there never seems to be enough space for both food and crockery does there? If you like all your food products in one place but haven’t got a pantry then why not create your own larder? You can easily achieve this by choosing one large floor-to-ceiling cupboard and adding some nifty pull out drawers which utilize every little space in the cupboard. If you are looking for smaller storage solutions, somewhere to put away cleaning products for example, then plastic containers help keep things tidy inside your drawers and cupboard doors.

Living Room

Again, you can use shelving effectively in these rooms to place books, CDs and all those knick-knacks that you’ve collected over the years. You can also invest in footstools, chairs and tables that have added storage underneath the lid. These are an excellent option for keeping all your extra non-essential items away and out of sight.  If you have an old fireplace that you don’t use any more then clearing this space out and adding in wall storage can provide not only a focal point for the room but also a fantastic space to store your belongings. There are some great ideas at Freshome on how to convert a fireplace into a useful space.

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