Streamline Your Bedroom With These Simple Steps

Streamline Your Bedroom With These Simple Steps

Your bedroom should feel like the cosiest and most comfortable place in the world, it’s a space that’s truly your own. To be able to get up each day and handle whatever life throws at you, you need to be well rested- and sleeping in a good bedroom can certainly contribute to that. If your room feels messy and unorganized, or you just want to spruce things up a bit and make the most of the space, here’s how you can go about it.

Decluttered Bedroom
Don’t you just love the clean, uncluttered feel of this room?


Most of us are guilty of hanging onto things we don’t need or use. It could be because of sentimental reasons, or it might just be a case of them getting thrown into a drawer or cupboard and being forgotten about. The problem with this is that useless objects take up precious space in our homes, and it makes it more difficult to store the things we do use and love. If you want your room to feel calm and look tidy and organized, the best thing you can do is have a thorough declutter.

Go through every drawer, cupboard, storage container and your wardrobe and be really strict with what you allow yourself to keep. It can help if you get yourself three big boxes, label them ‘bin’, ‘charity’ and ‘give to friends’. That way when you’re a bit undecided about an item, it makes it easier to work out where it should go. Giving the item to charity or passing it onto a friend means that someone else gets to use and appreciate it. This can help if you have things that are too good for the bin, but you don’t get any use out of them yourself.

If objects are past their best then put them in the bin instead of holding onto them, it can feel like a weight has been lifted when you let go of unnecessary things from your life. You don’t have to embrace true minimalism if you don’t want to, but do try to be aware of the items you’re holding onto and why. Having a declutter means it’s so much easier to store and organize everything else you have.

Customize any unused space in your room for storage
Customize any unused space in your room for storage

Invest in Built In Furniture

The great thing about built in furniture is that it’s so customizable. Even if you have a room that’s a strange shape or size (perhaps due to loft eaves, the stairs or windows and doors in odd places) you can have something created that works perfectly. Unlike normal wardrobes, built in wardobes can be fitted from floor to ceiling, and can be made as deep or shallow as you like giving you loads of storage.

You can have custom fixtures from jewelry drawers to tie racks to shoe racks and more fitted inside depending on the kinds of things you need to store. If you have a small room, mirrored doors can help to reflect the light and make it look so much bigger. Built in wardrobes give you plenty of space to store and keep your possessions tidy behind their doors, which can reduce clutter from around the room. They can help you to stay organised and keep the room tidy.

Get Smart With The TV

While modern televisions are thin, they can still take up a significant amount of space in the bedroom- especially if you have a smaller room. So if you want the space to look tidy and streamlined then it makes sense to get smart with your TV. You could invest in a TV bed, here you can watch tv while relaxing in bed but once you’re done, it’s hidden away from sight.

TV Bed
Watch TV when you want, tuck it away when you don’t! Image Credit

You could mount the TV on the wall, or you could forfeit having one altogether. These days you can watch TV right from your phone, tablet or laptop. 17 inch laptops are a good size for watching TV on, while still being portable enough to carry them around with you when needed. You can keep your device on your bedside table, and fold it away and put it in a drawer or under the bed once you’re done.

Choose Your Decor Wisely

Things like the colour of the walls, the flooring and the furniture are all crucial in making the most of your bedroom- especially if it’s on the smaller side. Choose a light shade for the walls, this will help to bounce light around and give it a clean and streamlined feel. Furniture should be carefully ordered before measuring to check that it fits. When it comes to decorative touches, go with quality over quantity. A few key pieces will look homely instead of cluttered.

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