Stretch Your Tax Refund with #SamsungAtWalmart Deals on TVs, Home Audio, Mobile Devices, Tablets and More

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As many of you already know, my trusty HP All-In-One desktop went to computer heaven earlier this week. It had been having problems since September of last year and just got progressively worse until it said earlier this week, “That’s it. I’m done. You’ve worked me to death.”

So I needed a new computer and I needed a new one QUICK. Tre’s phone also “mysteriously” got broken so he was wanting to take a look at some new phones and see what was available. Walmart always has some amazing deals on their electronics during tax season, and they did not disappoint this year either. We always try to keep our tax refund set aside for bills that need to be caught up on or to get those big-ticket items we’ve been wanting to purchase. 

I popped into the store and headed straight for the electronics department with my youngest son, Tre. We have this bond over all types of electronics – televisions, speakers, smartphones, computers – you name it, we are both total geeks when it comes to all the cool stuff!

Now I knew that Walmart had some great deals in general on electronics but whoa! You should see the amazing deals that they have on Samsung products right now!

Samsung 4K UHD-TV Systems

As we entered the electronics department, we came upon this gorgeous television display. It was a Samsung 60″ 4K Ultra HD television. Tre and I got our first taste of the Samsung 4K Ultra HD experience in 2015 and fell in love. The picture display was absolutely amazing – and the television itself was so slim – I mean it’s thinner than the flat screen we have in the master bedroom. Want to know what I totally love? You can use the Smart View App to watch your television on a mobile device – or your mobile media on your television. How cool is that?

Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar

While I was checking out the laptops and desktops, Tre wandered over to the speakers section (as he always does when we hit Walmart) and was checking out the Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar. This is one nifty little powerful gadget! The 130W wireless subwoofer gives you cinematic sound quality and really immerses you in the listening and viewing experience!

The soundbar features TV SoundConnect which means you can set it up with just one push of a button – great for the grandparents or technology challenged! The bluetooth design means no wires (always a plus in our household) and it has 3D Sound Plus – an amazing feature that analyzes the depth of 3D movie images as they appear, then synchronizes with what is onscreen and makes the illusion of three dimensions even more powerful!

The 130 watts delivers amazing volume, bass and power to make movie night something you won’t soon forget – not to mention making impromptu performances by in the living room amazing as well! You can even control it from your phone or smart device using the Samsung Audio Remote App. 

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S7

Tre fell in love with the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S7 and I have to admit, I’m hooked too! We were checking out all of the features on the demo they had in the store and just, wow!

I’m not a huge Android fan after having had an iPhone for almost 2 years but the Samsung GS7 has won me over. This is an exceptional phone – especially for accident prone kids like mine!

It has an IP 68 rating that protects it from spills, splashes and even dunks. Where was this phone when Jonathan dove into the 8-foot section of the pool and forgot his phone was in his pocket? The iPhone was toast – but this GS7 would have just needed to be wiped off and keep on going.

Love taking photos at dusk when the sun is setting or around the campfire at night? The GS7 has the world’s first dual-pixel smartphone camera that makes capturing low-light photos a breeze.

Impatient kids? If your phone takes forever to charge – that’s another plus for the GS7 – it charges from 0 to 100% in no time at all. It also stays charged longer. Hubby has a SG6 and he’s on his phone talking to vendors all day long and his phone can sometimes go two days without needing to be charged. That’s impressive!

It also has expandable memory that allows you to add up to 200GB to keep all those amazing photos and videos without having to decide what to delete. No clouds to deal with and no hard drives. If 32GB isn’t enough, you can add an additional 256GB with a microSD card.

So then I headed off to check out the computers – finally – and see if I could find something reasonable that would fit my needs. I did, by the way, or I wouldn’t be typing this right now – but that’s for another post!

When I got home with my new computer, hubby decided that the nextbook I had would now be his since I did get a new computer and wouldn’t need it anymore. He has been trying to steal it away from me ever since I bought it – even though he has his own Amazon Fire tablet he won at his annual Christmas party! Samsung has a great tablet that would be perfect for hubby so he can leave my nextbook alone. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E with WiFi has a 9.6 touchscreen with Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system. He’ll have portable entertainment anywhere he goes (with a WiFi connection) to watch movies, his crazy Facebook videos, or just to catch up on the latest drag race or wrestling match.

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  1. I love the prices at Walmart, but not gonna lie Samsung products have been making this lady super nervous recently!! All these things catching fire and such 😮 Their customer service is amazing though!!

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