Strike Update

Mom is On Strike - Strike Update

I know that it has only been two days now since “the strike” but so many of you asked how it went that I had to pop in and give an update.

Yesterday morning, I waited until the last possible moment to give Demon Boy his sneakers back. Little smart ass said, “I knew you wouldn’t throw my sneakers away, Mom.”  Brat.

However! When they came home and just dumped their jackets and backpacks on the floor and kicked their shoes off and left them where they landed, I just stood there and glared at them, hands on hips.  Didn’t have to say a word.  The shoes were picked up and put where they belong and the coats and backpacks disappeared to their respective rooms in the proper place.

Still not the “real” test.  Bath time came and went.  No issues.  A small amount of fussing but all that took was a look and the utterance of, “Fine, guess you want to go to bed with no television tonight,” and that was the end of the muttering.  Homework done, no problem.

Me:  “It’s 8:00 PM, time to get ready for bed boys.  Get your rooms picked up.  Everything off the floor and put away and nothing under the bed.”

Them:  Silence.  Something hurriedly whispered, and then scurrying back and forth to get their rooms cleaned up.

By 8:20 PM their rooms were spotless and they were sitting on the floor, quietly, playing a video game.  I was shocked.  I honestly did not think it would be that easy to do with these two.

It has only been one day though.  We’ll see how it goes.  I might have to implement something along these lines for the bickering and name calling as well.  That was the only thing giving me a headache yesterday afternoon.  To teach my boys to love each other unconditionally (every day, not just for a few minutes!) and just roll with the punches…what a challenge.

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