Stubborn Dog? Here’s How To Tame Him

Taming a Stubborn Dog

If your dog is stubborn, you’ll probably find it really difficult, not to mention very frustrating, to train him, but you shouldn’t give up because dogs who are well trained are happier, safer and more enjoyable to be around.

To help you out, here are some tips to help you tame that stubborn pooch once and for all:

Take it Slow

If your dog is stubborn, there’s no point going in all guns blazing; it’s much better to work on one thing at a time, not least because it will be easier for your dog to understand. So, start with something fairly simple, like making him sit, being sure to reward him when he does so that he starts to build positive associations with being obedient, then when you’re sure he’s got it and he’ll do it every time, move on to the next thing.

Remove Distractions

It’s important if you want your dog to learn new things, which you keep the environment as free from distractions as you possibly can. Remove any of his toys, minimize as much of the noise as you can and perhaps even keep him on a long leash so that you can hold his attention long enough to let the training sink in.

Consistency is Key

Training doesn’t just take place for an hour each day. If you want your dog to obey you, then you need to ensure that you and your family members, as well as anyone else who looks after your dog, all treat him the same way.

So, if he isn’t allowed to sit on the couch, for example, make sure that no one ever lets him do it, or if you want him to learn that he must work for rewards, don’t let your kids sneak him snacks when he hasn’t earned them. You can’t exactly blame your dog for being stubborn and disobedient you if he’s getting mixed messages and he doesn’t know what is essential.

Don’t Punish

Punishing your dog isn’t fair, and it isn’t pleasant. It will damage his trust in you and make him more anxious, which could actually lead to more behavioral problems. What you should do is ignore the bad behavior (unless it’s dangerous), but shower him with praise and a tasty dog treat when he does do what he’s told. This will encourage him to behave because who doesn’t like cuddles and treats?

Make Treats High-Value

While We’re on the subject of treats, if you want to get through to a stubborn dog, treats need to be of sufficiently high value to have an effect. It might not be worth is while to obey you for a boring dog biscuit, but a nice piece of sausage, well that’s a different story altogether.

Send Him to Boarding School

This might sound silly, but putting your dog through dog boarding training is possibly the quickest way to cure him of his stubbornness and train him up. It might not be easy for you to be away from your dog, but it will be worth it if he comes home better behaved than you could ever imagine possible, won’t it?

If you take these tips on board and you stay persistent, spending some time each day training your dog, eventually he will come under your control, and you will be able to handle him with more confidence. Good luck.

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